You Can Buy Pokemon Oreos For A Silly Price on Second-hand Sites

You Can Buy Pokemon Oreos For A Silly Price on Second-hand Sites

You Can Buy Pokemon Oreos For A Silly Price on Second-hand Sites

There are many places to find bargains on second-hand marketplaces like eBay. They can also be home to scalpers, and other ne’er do wells trying to make a quick, tidy profit from gullible customers. There are a lot of people on eBay right now offering – checks notes biscuits at extraordinary prices.

According to the Out of Context Pokemon Twitter account, there are currently some… let’s call them optimist sellers who try to sell pocket-monster-themed Oreos at as high as $25,000. You read those zeroes correctly. Twenty-five thousand dollars. A biscuit with Mew on the top. It’s absurd, and it won’t sell.

There are other listings on eBay for the same biscuit but at a remarkably high asking price of one grand. This is why nobody buys at this price. You can click on eBay to see the sold listings. The sealed, unopened special edition snacks with pictures of the colorful critters and one of 16 designs on the edible item are available for around PS10 to PS15 per pack. This is still quite a bit, but it’s far less than the ridiculous prices shared on Twitter.

Oreo claims that certain Pokemon are more difficult to find on special releases. 25 million for a Mew that you can eat. The internet isn’t falling for that one. The advert for these products is adorable and seems to have been made with Oreos. This is more delicious than the average biscuits. Jammie Dodgers, FtW (a little modding here, and you have the Poke Ball – you can get that crossover-free, confectionery manufacturers).

You can see the advertisement for the Pokemon Oreo cross-over below. Please, don’t spend a lot of money on cookies. This, my friends, is a terrible movie. Sorry.

Japan: Man arrested for selling a hacked Pokemon

A Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan, was arrested for selling hacked Pokemon to other players to gain an edge in the competitive scene.

Asahi News reported that the suspect was a 23-year old unemployed man and admitted to the charges. If you were making over a million yen by supplying these hacked Pokemon, likely, you wouldn’t need to work full-time. This amounts to roughly $11,000, which was earned between November 2019-November 2020.

His actions violated the Unfair Competition Prevention Act Japan. He used an indication on goods and services in an advertisement thereof or trade documents, electronic correspondence thereof in a manner that was likely to mislead as regards the origin, quality, contents, manufacturing process, purpose or quantity of either the goods or the quality, substance, purpose or quantity the services.

To create the modded creatures, the man was using a jailbroken Nintendo Switch. Jailbroken Switches can be used for more than ill-advised hacks. They also allow you to access the console’s operating systems and let you install third-party and custom applications. It is expected that Nintendo doesn’t want its users to jailbreak the Switch, so it sued one of the companies responsible.

These external apps allowed the man to fulfill orders for hacked pocket beasts from Pokemon players. For orders containing six or more Pokemon, each virtual animal costs Y=500 plus a commission fee of Y=800. Although hacked Pokemon will not look like regular Pokemon (unless they are shiny), there are some telltale signs. One sign is that the Pokemon is a missing ability or move, such as an Obstagoon with Own Tempo or a Donphan that Dig.

These Pokemon are not allowed to compete in official competitions. The opponent doesn’t know that the Pokemon can access unexpected moves or act differently because of their unusual abilities. Nintendo stated in January that it would crack down on hackers of Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon House with malicious intent. We will respond promptly to any fraudulent or annoying acts for our users to have peace of mind. It stated that it appreciated its continued support for the Pokemon series.

A YouTuber Sells $1000 Pokemon Booster Packs for $3.99

As the world calls him, Lee Steinfeld, or Leonhart, is without a doubt the most popular Pokemon CCG YouTuber. His videos have at least 200k views each. Fans come to watch him open old and new trading card packs.

Lee now has a pop-up shop after years of secretly revealing booster packs that mere mortals could only dream of having. It is filled with original and sealed booster packs from the TCG’s inception, all for the original retail price.

Leonhart was my guest in our 25 Year of Pokemon: Celebrating the Trading Card Game documentary. I had the opportunity to talk to him recently (watch it below), and he shared his vast project.

GB: For those who don’t know who you are and what do they do in the world of Pokemon TCG?

Leonhart My name is Leonhart or Lee, and I love to open shiny cardboard. You can find me on YouTube opening packs for everyone, no matter what the card is, whether it’s the latest Pokemon card game or the original cards from the late ’90s.

You’re thinking of something amazing: you’re opening up a pop-up Pokemon store that sells original booster packs at original prices. Tell us more.

It’s a simple idea. With the insane prices for vintage Pokemon cards, I want something crazy. But I also want to continue to give back to the world and offer the same experience I had opening up a Base Set or basic pack. It’s amazing when you find the holographic card you want or your favorite card. You know, my dad opened them to me way back when I was a kid. I used to get a Base Set pack every week after I had done well at school. That same feeling of opening up packs with a father or daughter or mother and their children is what I long for.

That’s why I opened a shop to offer that experience. It’s a card shop that was established in the late 1990s and early 2000s. You’ll feel transported back in time when you walk into the shop. There are various Pokemon memorabilia and games. Then, of course, the Pokemon TCG, in its original boxes, in their original blister packets, hung on the shelves like a shop. I am donating thousands and thousands of packs to people who walk in to offer that option. The number of packs is limited to ensure that everyone has a chance to get one or two packs. You can then open the pack and have it graded right there. It’s a huge thing, but I believe it will be the most important event in Pokemon history. I am optimistic and hope to be happy.

Because of restrictions on travel and all that, I need to be extremely smart. But there is still planning underway [right now]. It was slow at first, but it is now.

This sounds amazing. It sounds amazing. But, what about those who live far away and can’t make it to the shop? The Pokemon TCG is a global phenomenon.

Fairness is something I value. I have listened to the community and everyone. I will probably set up a lottery system to [find] ways to ensure that no fake accounts or other fraudulent activities are considered. In the end, I will do my best to make sure that everyone has a chance at least to be chosen. Then there will be something to satisfy those who can’t travel and [allow them] to enter] an online giveaway for their packs.

The whole point is to make me happy. It’s very nostalgic to me to see people smile in shops. I know that many other people will feel the same joy and be transported back 20 years ago. It’s the human aspect.

As many of you are reading this, I remember the sensation and smell of going to a toy shop as a child. This was when I picked up a booster pack, stared through the glass, and looked at singles. For those who attend, it’s going to be surreal to experience all those emotions once again.

It’s going to be incredible. People ask me why I would do such a thing. It’s almost like I was asking myself, “Am I crazy?” But am I really a good crazy person? Yes, I believe so. Because I can sell all of the packs and the prices will continue to rise. But I believe I have enough that I feel almost obligated now to share the wealth. That’s exactly what I want.

Logan Paul recently spent $2 million on First Edition Base Set Pokemon Cards. That’s insane. You’ll be selling packs at a retail price …

I don’t own many first-edition Base Set pack packs. I have the original Base Set Unlimited packs – I have them in the cases from Wizards of the Coast. I have the original Base Set unlimited packs in the blister packs. That’s what I plan to keep on the shelves. They are worth $3.99 each. They were sold in some stores for $4.99. Is it really worth the dollar difference at this point?

I think not!

It’s impossible to please everyone when there are so many people involved in an event like this. But I am trying to make it accessible for people who can’t travel. Because I know that there are people around the world who want to do this. You have to organize it in some way. I hope that the method that I choose will be the right one.

I will do the entire documentary series. A hired crew will be with me, starting from the beginning to the end. This includes setting up the store and some pre-planning. We’ll eventually release the documentary. We’ll eventually release that documentary.

I’m sure there has been lots of interest?

It’s amazing how many celebrities, influencers, and news companies have embraced this idea. It was just announced, and I am trying to keep people informed – but it seems like there is already a lot of hype for it. And I don’t have anything to show you other than the product I’ve shown in my videos. That’s the main draw. Yes, it would be fantastic to have as much coverage as possible. It will be crazy. It’s something that will probably never happen again. It’s all about the prices.

Blastoise Pokemon Card Becomes Most Expensive Ever, Selling For $360,000 In Auction.

A rare Blastoise Pokémon card has been sold at auction for $360,000 (PS266,000), making it the most valuable card ever sold. It is one of two Blastoise cards designed for international use. The location of the other is unknown. You never know where it might be, but it could be in someone’s garage or hidden among a deck of Pokemon cards.

This card is scarce, and the Heritage Auctions site mentions that the Wizards of the Coast asked Cartamundi to print only two of these cards in 1998 for use as “Presentation” pieces. These pieces will be used to request Nintendo’s approval for printing more Pokemon cards in English.

The card’s history is further explained on the site by Ken Sugimori, who created the artwork. The historical significance of the card cannot be denied. This card is a must-have for any collector or investor who values rare and exceptional cards. It’s an enormous card that anyone can get their hands on.

A shiny Charizard card, the highest-priced card at an auction, held the title before this Blastoise card. Last October, it was sold to rapper-turned-streamer Logic for $228,000 (PS169,000) and surpassed the previous record-holder, which was a copy of Pikachu Illustrator.

The Blastoise Pokemon cards were not the most expensive on the day. Heritage Auctions also offered a Base Set Booster Box that contained 36 sealed booster packs and cards from the original set of 102. The auction sold this box for PS301,000. Someone is having a wild time opening each pack in search of another shiny Charizard. Or you can keep them safe and away from prying eyes—both options work.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Pokemon, original Pokemon cards are being reprinted.

Pokemon Celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2021. The Pokemon Company will reprint a collection of classic cards taken from The Pokemon Trading Card Game to commemorate.

These cards, which are not new, will be released throughout the year. They will focus on one region at a given time and feature their starter Pokemon. They will also be “oversized” versions with the same artwork and a special symbol to signify their uniqueness. The schedule for each region, called “First Partner Packs,” is:

  • March 5, 2021 – Galar First Partners Pack
  • April 2, 2021 – Alola First Partner Package
  • May 7th, 2021 – Kalos First Partner Pack
  • June 4th, 2021 – Unova First Partner Pack
  • July 9, 2021 – Sinnoh’s First Partner Pack
  • August 6, 2021 – Hoenn’s First Partner Pack
  • September 3rd, 2021 – Johto First Partner Pack
  • October 8th, 2021 – Kanto First Partner Pack

The rollout of packs will end in October, and the 25th anniversary of The Pokemon Trading Card Game is October 20th, 2021. We might get even more goodies in the later months of the year, but The Pokemon Company (quite literally!) is keeping its cards close at its chest. If we find out more, we’ll keep you informed.

These packs will include a Collector’s Binder, which is neat and allows you to add to your collection with every release. These packs will include two standard TPTCG booster packs. This is a great bonus for those who have experience with The Pokemon Trading Card Game or those just starting. PokeGuardian offers a preview of the upcoming starter cards for you to peruse.

The Pokemon Company has painted Delibird red to celebrate its anniversary. But these cards are just the beginning. The party promises promotions and events throughout the year. It starts in March with a celebration in Galar and will continue to travel to other series regions over the next few months.

Cool-themed collectibles are also in the works, and Katy Perry will be one of the “biggest music names” to collaborate with the company. Personally, I hope for a Florence and the Machine cover to Cyrus’s theme song from Diamond and Pearl.

You Can Buy Pokemon Oreos For A Silly Price on Second-hand Sites
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