Xur has a Survivor's Epitaph with a Weird Masterwork In Destiny 2

Xur has a Survivor’s Epitaph with a Weird Masterwork In Destiny 2

Xur has a Survivor’s Epitaph with a Weird Masterwork In Destiny 2

Xur will be back in Destiny 2 for the weekend. He can be found at Winding Cove in E.D.Z. He’s been selling weapons that have Masterwork perks, which has been a common theme lately. He’s selling a Survivor’s Epitaph and an Impact Masterwork. And, just like a few weeks ago, a Vulpecula.

This is quite interesting, but the Masterwork does not appear to affect either of these weapons. The Masterwork does not provide any in-game benefits, despite Hand Cannons having an Impact Stat. At the same time, the Impact stats on the Survivor’s Epitaph and the Vulpecula will rise to 80 when fully Masterworked (which seems to be a visual bug), it is not an in-game benefit.

Xur appears to have been broken for those following the story at home. He sold a Corsair’s Wrath and a Blast Radius Masterwork a while back. In June, he was selling a Stars and Shadow Pulse Rifle with a perk that could change frequently. He had previously owned a Chrysura Auto Rifle equipped with an Accuracy Masterwork.

The actual Rolls on the Hand Cannons are the Survivor’s Epitaph’s Feeding Frenzy, Moving Target and Killing Wind. This isn’t great for PVE/PVP. The Vulpecula’s Killing Wind and Adagio aren’t great for a weapon that can roll killer bonuses like Headstone. These can be grabbed to increase your collection of Xur’s Mistakes. Are they even mistakes? Do you think Bungie is hinting at something? It’s an odd way to do it, if so.

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Xur has a Survivor’s Epitaph with a Weird Masterwork In Destiny 2
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