Xbox Exclusive: Major PlayStation 2021 Teaser

Xbox Exclusive: Major PlayStation 2021 Teaser

Xbox Exclusive: Major PlayStation 2021 Teaser

Kena is Bridge Of Spirits, a strong console exclusively for Sony. Ember Lab’s Zelda-inspired adventure is not the most original, but it’s beautiful, charming, and loads of fun.

It’s definitely worth a look for anyone who has a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 . Especially if they are looking for Zelda-inspired games this year. Although it doesn’t reach the heights of Nintendo ‘s loved franchise, it is a solid debut for Kena. We are certain to see more of Kena in the future.

In the meantime, some of you might be looking at Bridge Of Spirits and wondering when or if you will get it. If you have a decent enough PC, Epic Games Store has it. Will it be available on Xbox? Ember Labs is not ruling it out.

Interview with SegmentNext: Ember Lab co-founder Josh Grier reminds fans that the exclusive PlayStation status is part of a timed agreement, which means that there is hope that the adventure will land on Microsoft consoles in the future. But he can’t give a date. After working hard to make Bridge Of Spiritsout, the team needs to take some time to unwind before “looking into” other platforms. Understandable, no?

“We are currently focusing on our launches for PlayStation 2 and Epic Games Store, which are timed specials. Grier spoke ahead of the launch. After launch, we will be looking into other platforms and taking a break. It’s difficult right now to consider next steps or future offerings, as there are only a few days until launch.

“We have responded to all the community’s requests as best we could. For example, we just announced a physical release and the addition of Russian and Brazilian-Portuguese.”

Xbox Exclusive: Major PlayStation 2021 Teaser
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