Xbox Elite Controllers have a Hidden Feature

Xbox Elite Controllers have a Hidden Feature That No One Knew About

Xbox Elite Controllers have a Hidden Feature That No One Knew About

To the amazement of almost everyone in the Xbox community, the Elite series of controllers have a cool feature that no one had stumbled across until now.

My heart goes out for the developer, who believed this would light up the world and hasn’t seen any recognition of the addition since it was incorporated into the controller. It’s better late than never, I think. I hope that the many shocked and amazed reactions of Reddit users are enough to compensate.

The logo at the center of the shell now lights up. This is a common feature for Xbox users. You can customize elements such as rumble if your Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is connected to Steam.

You can also use the slider to change the color of the light coming out of the controller’s controller. These are displayed on the DualShock for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 or via the touchpad on top. The colour slider for the Xbox controller is not customizable so it’s not a good idea.

Oh, my good gravy. It does. It is.

We will give this announcement the proper amount of pause, but let’s take a look at the trailer below for the Xbox mini fridge!

Yes, yes. You might not be impressed by the colour changing light. I say this because you are a true hoot at parties. You can turn your frown upside-down and enjoy the magnificent rainbow. This is what your primordial lizard brain would love.

“Holy guacamole!” You can now have more RGB with your RGB! said MudMountain64 on Reddit. This neat little feature has a few limitations. Number one, players report that Bluetooth connections don’t allow the controller’s to communicate with Steam’s colour slider.

Number two, it isn’t a console feature and only works on your computer. We hope that a patch will allow this to be added to the Xbox Series X, possibly in the same way that the DualSense responds to events in games by changing its colour to reflect player health.

Xbox Elite Controllers have a Hidden Feature That No One Knew About
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