WWE 2K20 IOS Latest Version Free Download
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WWE 2K20 IOS Latest Version Free Download

WWE 2K20 IOS Latest Version Free Download

Overview WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 will be a new video game that features professional wrestling. This is the 20th edition of the WWE game series. The showcase mode of the game revolves around four WWE horsewomen, namely Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. The 2K Towers Mode, introduced in WWE 2K19, is back in the game. WWE 2K20 will feature a new feature: a MyCareer story for women, which is also a first in the franchise. WWE 2K20 offers a clear system for moves. You can use arrow keys to combine moves and grappling, and you can also combine an arrow button with the X button to strike moves. New gameplay mechanics have been introduced to the game, such as Ultimate Control Moves, which alters the grappling system.

In the SmackDown Vs RAW series you can use the meter to measure the damage done to the chosen superstar. This is unlike the SmackDown Vs RAW series where the damage was determined by a male design. The superstar will submit if the damage done to an area of their body is greater than the amount that was done to it. To show the extent of damage done to the body’s parts, colours are used. Yellow represents little damage, orange moderate damage and minimal red damage.

The more damage a player does, the more likely it is that he loses the match. There are four main ways to win in every match: pinfall submission, knockout or countout.

WWE 2K20: Free Download

  • Showcase Mode
  • 2K Towers Mode
  • MyCareer Story Mode.
  • Ultimate Control Moves

How to Install WWE 2K20 on Mobile

1:: Download Game
2:: Extract Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have Fun


WWE 2K20 IOS Latest Version Free Download



WWE 2K20 IOS Latest Version Free Download
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