Wooden House Full Version Mobile Game
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Wooden House Full Version Mobile Game

Wooden House Full Version Mobile Game

Wooden House Game 2016 Overview:

He was preparing a book by the fireplace. Then, he heard a strange noise coming from the old house. So, he decided to investigate the small village for the cause.

The Haunted House is filled with mysterious things that have yet to be discovered. Can you help the main character locate them? The House contained a weird book. The ancient evil was released when the boot was opened. It’s too late to save him. It is not enough to find a way out of this House. Because evil must be stopped immediately, you will be accompanied by other satanic creatures throughout the game. Wooden House is filled with dangers!

This horror game has no tips or rules. The players must explore the area without assistance. The evil will track every movement you make in Wooden House. It is important to avoid it. You can save your life by finding valuable items in your house. Now, the main character is cursed. You must solve his problems. He has fallen into the dark of the old evil.

This adventure-style action game will give you a thrilling experience of horror stories on certain levels. Wooden House’s graphics are also great. While you play, you will be amazed at the detail of the environment.

Wooden House Features:

  • Explore the dark places to defeat the evil of the past
  • To ensure your safety, stay away from the evil
  • Detail graphics for Indie games like this
  • To solve the problem faster, find new clues or items


Wooden House Full Version Mobile Game



Wooden House Full Version Mobile Game
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