Witch It Full Game Mobile for Free
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Witch It Full Game Mobile for Free

Witch It Full Game Mobile for Free

It’s all in the Overview

It is a multiplayer hide-and-seek game Actproton. You can take on the role of a courageous hunter searching for the dungeons within the vast and mysterious world. There are stunning villages, amazing lakes, and old libraries to explore. Each map in the game has its own story and secrets. You will play the role of a fearless hunter and search for and kill all witches in the village, making it a peaceful area where the inhabitants can live.

To perform your tasks, you are equipped with a variety of tools. Witches can fool you and have magical abilities. They can take various actions to confuse and scare you and even reverse your attacks. You will have many items to help you in the vast open-world universe, including furniture, food, and fruits. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more items. This game allows you to personalize your hunter or witch to suit your needs. Witch It Free Download

Beautiful villages and the oldest libraries are part of the game’s massive open world. The game features three game modes. You can search for dungeons using the hide and seek mode. Modification mode lets you turn the dungeons into hunters while Hunt and Hag disable the skills for witches and hunters. Instead, the hunters will use their melee weapons to attack witches.

Witch It Free Download

  • Take on the role of Hunter
  • Find witches.
  • Massive Magical World.
  • Beautiful landscape
  • Ancient Libraries.
  • Lock items.
  • You can customize your hunter or witch.
  • There are three modes.
  • Melee Weapons


Witch It Full Game Mobile for Free



Witch It Full Game Mobile for Free
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