What made X-Men Origins: Wolverine the Game Great?

What made X-Men Origins: Wolverine the Game Great?

What made X-Men Origins: Wolverine the Game Great?

Tie-ins with video games have a bad reputation. However, X-Men Origins is one of the best. What was it that made this game so special? This game should have been terrible in theory. Even good movies can make games quite horrifying. (I’m thinking Harry Potter Part 1. Combine that with the fact you have the most horrible X-Men live-action film of all time, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

The game was still great and is one of the best in a long line of hit-or-miss superhero games. This is the Uncaged Edition on PS3, Xbox 360, PC. You may be wondering why the game was so great. Here are some reasons.


Combat is the heart of most games, especially those that feature badass heroes like Wolverine.

X-Men Origins Wolverine feels as if it takes the hack-and-slash action of God of War and combines it with Marvel, making it one of the most satisfying and enjoyable combat systems in the superhero genre games.

This game is full of graphic violence and gore, as anyone who has ever played it will be able to tell. The game will feature blood everywhere, from your enemies to your own.

Yes, some fight moves, such as Wolverine spinning attack, could now be considered generic, but at the time there weren’t many games that used them to the same extent that Origins. It would entertain me every time Wolverine’s aggressive attacks against an enemy would be chained.


This is my personal favorite feature in the game. If you’ve read the character’s bio, you will see that Wolverine can heal any wounds he sustains quickly.

This aspect of the game was unexpectedly rich for a 2009 game. When Wolverine is attacked by an opponent, players can see the entire skeleton of his body.

I recall that I used to go to great lengths to inflict injury on my first playthrough to the game to see how many skins and flesh I could get. You could also see a metal skull for Wolvie’s body if you entered the invincibility code.

Most games that feature a healing element would not go the extra mile as Origins did. Marvel’s Wolverine absolutely needs to follow the Origins footsteps to make the player feel like an unstoppable rage machine.


It’s always appreciated in any movie tie-in games when the original voices for the characters come back. Hugh Jackman was also able to return to his role in the game. Cal Dodd is a great voice for Wolverine. But for me, Hugh Jackman will always remain the voice that I associate with the character. Having him in the game helped me to immerse myself in the story and cutscenes.

It was so much fun to listen to Jackman’s grunts and screams while I tore apart my enemies like a primal animal.


Yes, I admit that the story of the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie was awful. However, it is understandable that a game based primarily on that story might not be a good sign. One of the best things about a videogame is that it doesn’t have to follow a specific storyline. Raven Software had a lot of freedom to explore and included original ideas. These were based on major events in the X-Men comics.

One part of the game follows the mainline events, with a few modifications. The other part is presented via flashbacks. It is based years before Logan left Team X.

The story changes were something that I enjoyed personally. A section of the game where you enter Project: Wideawake and meet Bolivar Trask was a favorite. This character would not be seen in the X-Men films before X-Men Days of Future Past. These changes were more faithful to comics and better reflected Wolverine’s past.


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