What are the most important Destiny 2 Seasonal Titles?

What are the most important Destiny 2 Seasonal Titles?

What are the most important Destiny 2 Seasonal Titles?

Destiny2offers a variety of seals and accompanying titles players can use to display their achievements in-game. Some of these seals are tied to seasonal content and require players to complete specific activities or use new gear to unlock them. All seasonal titles aren’t created equal. Some are more common due to Destiny2 collective fatigue or other very difficult requirements. To take a look at some of the rarest seasonal titles in Destiny2, I am using Braytech. These numbers only represent Destiny2players that Voluspa has indexed, which is approximately 750k.

Reaper (Season of the Haunted), 7.58%

Let’s start with this one. Haunted is the current season. This is a rare title that is likely to change. Even though the requirements aren’t too difficult, you won’t need to search for a guide to locate the Calus Bobbleheads. We’ll be going in ascending order by rarity from now on.

9. Splicer (Season of the Splicer — 24.61%

Season of the Splicer had only ten Triumphs. Many of them fell under the banner of “play destiny 2.” This title was one of the easiest to get in recent history. Its lowest completion rate was 26.88%.

8. Chosen (Season of the Chosen), 22.10%

Chosen is another easy title. The most difficult part of Chosen was finding the Glykon’s clues. God, I miss Presage.

7. Warden (Season of the Hunt), 20.58%

Season of the Hunt, the first after the launch of beyond Light, brought the beloved Crow to the forefront of the story. Even though it was a nice twist to the traditional public event formula, the Wrathborn Hunt activity that involved tracking and wounding a foe added a new dimension to the proceedings. However, most titles were won using seasonal weapons.

6. Forerunner (Season of Arrivals), — 20.49%

The Season of Arrivals lasted for several months before Beyond light and did not have any difficult Triumphs. The most frustrating part was finding all of Savathun’s Eyes. However, the guide wasn’t too difficult.

5. Realmwalker (Season of the Lost), 14.68%

Lost was yet another long season. You might have thought that there would be more people to win the title. My theory is that many players lost interest during the long wait to Witch Queen. The title required that you delve into the Shattered Realm repeatedly to find little secrets. I was unable to find a single Seasonal ornament for my Ritual weapon during Lost. I think I just dipped.

4. Savior (Season of Dawn), 13.90%

Given how popular Dawn was, I would have thought Savior would be more common. The low number is probably due to the Resonance Rank grind, and partly because the title required completion on Legend of the Sundial activity which did not allow matchmaking.

3. Risen (Season of the Risen), 11.81%

Risen is quite low. However, Master Vox and Legend Battlegrounds may have scared off some people. However, Destiny2 seasonal titles are still available for the year they were introduced, so you have plenty of time to get Risen.

2. Almighty (Season of the Worthy), 10.61%

Why is Almighty so rare Two words: Hardcoded Victory. To achieve this triumph, players had to perform a perfect version of the Seraph Tower public event. You couldn’t load in a full 6-stack Guardians because the event took place in patrol areas. This meant that you were partially at the mercy random players. You can make a rare seasonal title by adding the fact that the event was confusing and strangely-designed. Almighty would have been my favorite seasonal title, but it goes to…

1. Undying (Season for the Undying) — 7.88%

This one is all about grind. Bungie was still adjusting the Undying model as the first season of the new model. This title required a lot of kills using pretty much every weapon type in Vex Offensive, kills with different abilities on the Moon, as well as completion of public events. The Undying Collections badge required you to acquire the Ritual weapons of Strikes, Gambit and Crucible. This was back in the days when hitting Fabled in Competitive meant getting the Crucible Ritual Weapon. Most seasonal titles have since been more generous in their requirements.

What are the most important Destiny 2 Seasonal Titles?
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