Warzone Glitch Renders Stims Useless

Warzone Glitch Renders Stims Useless

Warzone Glitch Renders Stims Useless

The Warzone Stim is a great piece of equipment. You can instantly regenerate your health and get a temporary speed boost to help you duck and dive away from any danger.

Stims will continue to be an integral part of the best Warzone loadouts, alongside the Season 4 Reloaded meta guns and weapons.

One player asks in the comments why they didn’t get the speed boost. Raven Software’s recent update to the speed boost may be the culprit. According to one user, the glitch is due to the latter. Stims are now able to cancel the speed boost instead of cancelling it.

It is unclear if Warzone’s developer is aware that another Stim glitch has been discovered. Given the seriousness of the problem, it’s likely that a solution will be available in the near future. Flashes and Stun Grenades are recommended until the problem is resolved.

Warzone Glitch Renders Stims Useless
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