Warzone Freezing Glitch Ruining Fortune's Keep Matches
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Warzone Freezing Glitch Ruining Fortune’s Keep Matches

Warzone Freezing Glitch Ruining Fortune’s Keep Matches

Players looking for a smaller map to enjoy battle royale action find Fortune’s Keep a popular addition to the Warzone Season 4 update.

Many are comparing it to the once-popular Rebirth Island, a small island in the Mediterranean. Many members of the community have expressed their frustration after experiencing a variety of game-breaking bugs.

One glitch causes players to freeze in some regions of the map, even though they are trying to avoid any gunfire.

Fortune’s Keep Freezing Glitch Causing Chaos

Even though the players who hit the deck can dodge any bullets from other players, they can’t return to a standing place which is far from ideal.

Reddit user “Gerbytron” shared a glitch clip that prevented them from winning. The player attempts to stand up after being taken cover by an airstrike during the final circle. However, he received a “prone blocked” message.

They couldn’t get out of the box despite a desperate effort.

The comments indicate that freezing while prone is not an isolated problem. One commenter said that the same glitch occurred “in the watchtower of Winery,” suggesting that the glitch can affect several areas on the Fortune’s Keep map.

Raven Software is likely looking for a solution to stop players from getting stuck in the mud while playing matches, as many players are still stuck. It’s better to cover yourself inside a structure than outside.

Warzone Freezing Glitch Ruining Fortune’s Keep Matches
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