Warframe: The Veilbreaker Update brings back old bosses this year

Warframe: The Veilbreaker Update brings back old bosses this year

Warframe: The Veilbreaker Update brings back old bosses this year

At TennoCon this past year, we finally had a chance to see Warframe, the next major story update. Although I said “finally”, we didn’t know anything about the new expansion, unlike The Duviri Paradox. The surprise announcement follows past Warframe plots, but it is a direct sequel of The New War, which was announced late last year. We also saw familiar faces in The Veilbreaker trailer, including Kahl-175, Erra and the Archons.

You might want to stop reading if you don’t recognize these names. This article contains spoilers, just like the trailer. Do not read this article if you don’t mind reading (or know everything about the story finale).

But Kahl is back. After a failed attempt to save his clone brothers, the Grineer soldier was declared MIA. Although we didn’t see his final fate, it was clear that he was captured by Narmer, the mind control player who fought in The New War. This idea seems to be supported by the Veilbreaker trailer. We see Kahl removing a “veil”, the helmet-like device Narmer uses for mind control on its victims. Kahl appears to be on rescue missions to save his brothers while teaming up again with his old foes, the Tenno.

These aren’t all old rivalries, however. The archons, the animalistic story bosses who fought in The New War, are back. Digital Extremes claims these are powered-up, but the developer is not confirming this. This makes sense as you can take them on with an entire team of four players. These encounters are not known to bring any specific rewards to Warframe players. It seems that Kahl isn’t just playable. As you progress, you can unlock customizable options for your side character.

Erra, another New War central character, gets a new look. The evil (?) The evil(?) Sentient appears to have been transformed into an archon-themed bull. A spike is also visible on his head. It looks similar to the shards that powered the other Archons during The New War.

We don’t know where it came from, who made Erra an Archon, and who is now running Narmer. The update should clarify at least some of this.

Since’s big narrative punch, The New War has had a lot of complaints about its “aftermath”. The Warframe world was destroyed while half of its population was enslaved and controlled by Narmer. But… it’s not much in-game. There are only a few lines of dialogue and some Narmer-centric bounties. Digital Extremes’ Rebb Fores, who has officially taken over as the Creative Director for Warframe, is Veilbreaker. He aims to continue the story and show its victims. Victims such as Grineer Kahl, kidnapped by Digital Extremes’ Rebb Ford, are his targets.

Veilbreaker, like The Duviri Paradox, will be released sometime in the new year. The developer promises an extended look at the expansion in August, which is just a few weeks away. As more information becomes available, we’ll provide additional coverage.

Disclaimer: In 2020, Tencent bought Digital Extreme’s parent firm, Fanbyte Media. Tencent does not have any direct contact with Fanbyte editorial. I still write these disclaimers because I believe it is the right thing. Seriously, I met one Tencent guy at a dinner once. Although I can’t recall his name, he seemed friendly enough to me even though he spoke only two words.

Warframe: The Veilbreaker Update brings back old bosses this year
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