VALORANT: The Best Sentinel Agents To Use On Bind Map

VALORANT: The Best Sentinel Agents To Use On Bind Map

VALORANT: The Best Sentinel Agents To Use On Bind Map

Which best VALORANT Agents are available to play on the Mindmap in Act 3? The current Agents pool consists of 16 different characters. Each character has a unique essence and possesses their own abilities.

Episode 3 also introduced a brand new map called Fracture. It will be available for competitive matchmaking starting 22 September 2021. With a new map, players have more chances to rank up.

Bind will continue to be used in competitive matchmaking and is rarely vetoed in grand tournaments. Its design is extremely popular, especially the Middle-East-themed map. This is why Sentinel Agents thrive in Bind.

Professional teams prefer creative Agent compositions to Ascent due to the rewarding nature of the map. We have all the information you need to learn about the best VALORANT Sentinel agents to use on Bind.

This article will explain which Sentinel agents are most effective on the map “Bind” and how to best use them to achieve the best results for your team. Let’s first look at Bind.

Bind has two spike sites and a couple of teleporters connecting the middle section of the map. This map is the only VALORANT map with usable teleporters. It makes it easy to move from one spike site or another.

Open ceilings mean that the post-plant meta thrives in Bind. Both spike sites have clear skylines without any effective cover, which allows Agents such as Viper and Killjoy Brimstone to thrive on Bind purely because of their post-plant utility.

Bind is also well-known for its narrow entrances to both spike sites. These entrances are often called A Bath, B Short, and B Hookah by players. Bind will only be faced by B Long, the long-range duel player. One Sentinel Agent is able to control only one spike site during the match.

These entrances can be used for Cypher tripwires and one-way cages. These traps and smokes can be used by defenders to stop attackers from entering the site.

They can also use Killjoy utility as a lure to lure them to the site. Then, detonate the nano swarms to make it easy for the opponents. The attackers will be stopped from rushing by placing a Killjoy nano-swarm or Cypher tripwire at these locations.

After we’ve discussed the map’s strengths and weaknesses, let us now look at which VALORANT Agents are best suited to Bind.

These are the Best Valorant Sentinel Agents to Play on Bind

Killjoy is the best Sentinel Agent available to play on Bind. Killjoy’s ultimate abilities enable players to effectively cut off one spike from the equation. This forces opponents to either hard-rush the opposing site or falls into Killjoy’s traps.

Killjoy’s Alarmbot and Nanoswarms provide the perfect utility to get you through the defensive rounds. These two abilities can wipe out entire squads. Killjoy mains can also position the Turret at unique blind spots to surprise the enemy.

Her other abilities can be used in post-plant situations. If one attempts to get the defuse, the swamp grenades may be placed on the spike. Killjoy must be the silent protector of the team while he is attacking.

The alarm bot will alert her to any flanking attempts. Killjoy can also use her Turret to hold the site until it is cleared out or planted. Killjoy is the strongest Sentinel in Bind due to her versatility. This character has one drawback: it must be alive in order to trigger her abilities.

VALORANT: The Best Sentinel Agents To Use On Bind Map
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