True Love 95 Full Game Mobile for Free
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True Love 95 Full Game Mobile for Free

True Love 95 Full Game Mobile for Free

True Love 95 2019 Game Overview:

You are going on an adventure to find your true love to find a wife as your mother and father suggested.

Software House Parsley published Real Love (Jun’ai Monogatari) in 1995. The game was published in Europe and the U.S. by Otaku Publishing four years later. Despite its fame, the game was kept in licensing isolation and only available to play by private sources… until today!

The Story: The protagonist is a 19-year-old Japanese school teacher living in Miami. His parents pushed him, hoping that self-sufficiency would lead him to a partner. The player is unsure of his destiny and has no clear path. He embarks on a journey to find a woman to love and settle down with. The game is presented in a series of daily days that lasts for 3 months.
Players choose the action they want to take for the day, night, weekend, or vacation at the beginning of each morning. Each decision has an impact on the player’s overall profile. Points are divided over stats such as love, vision, weakness, wisdom, power and art. The player’s romantic focus will change depending on their stats and the creation of plans through special days.

Features of True Love 95

  • Computer Graphic images from the first day of the game can be viewed by clicking on the image.
  • When loading MIDI tracks, there is a few seconds delay in current systems.
  • Normal save files contain 2 junk entries. They will cause the game to crash if loaded.


True Love 95 Full Game Mobile for Free



True Love 95 Full Game Mobile for Free
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