This Weekend: Naughty Dog's Last of Us Content

This Weekend: Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Content

This Weekend: Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Content

Many The last of Us fans know September 26 as the date when the duology’s cordyceps fungal began to take over humanity and transform the world into what we call the post-apocalypse. Naughty Dog, the developer, has renamed it ” The Last of UsDay”. This date was formerly Outbreak Day. However, this is a day that’s usually accompanied with new merchandise. The new merchandise that Sony and Naughty dog released yesterday is included in this year’s release, but the companies are hinting at additional products for the date.

Naughty Dog posted a lot of new merchandise on the PlayStation blog. It included shirts, jackets and accessories for guitars and also confirmed that a $2000 replica guitar will be available in Austria and Germany. It also revealed that the studio will be displaying “all-new content,” on September 26th at 9 a.m. Pacific. All details will be posted on the official Day webpage.

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We can only speculate as there isn’t any information about what’s being displayed. It could be any one of several things. The obvious one would be to take a look at the much-discussed multiplayer option that was removed form The Last of Us Part II. It seems that the mode was made into a standalone game, according to job listings. However, it was not present in this month’s PlayStation Showcase. It would be a good idea if Naughty Dog saved it for its very own special day.

There is also information about the upcoming HBO series , which stars Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal as the main characters Joel and Ellie. Although the show is currently in Calgary production since July, some teasers are possible.

It could also be something completely different that we aren’t yet aware of. You shouldn’t be too excited about a possible Last of Us Part III. Naughty Dog hasn’t made that yet.

This Weekend: Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Content
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