This 100M player graph will show you how good you really are at 'Warzone.

This 100M player graph will show you how good you really are at ‘Warzone.

This 100M player graph will show you how good you really are at ‘Warzone.

Think you’re a hotshot in Warzone? Are you awash in dubs? Have a victory screenshot you have printed and framed above your mantelpiece? This handy graph shows you how your performance compares to the millions of other players in the battle royale. It might even shatter an illusion. Sorry.

Many players take pride in their ability to play a particular video game. I am a darn good player in Dishonored and Horizon Zero Dawn as well as Assassin’s Creed. These are single-player games so the AI running the game’s code is pretty much outsmarted by me. It’s not that impressive, once you put it that way.

It’s quite a thrill to outsmart a human player on the same server. Warzoneplayers love to find the best and most outrageous eliminations to impress the saps who get in their way.

Reddit user TheguyWithacamera collected data from over 100 million Warzone accounts via two different websites. stated that game stats do not rank you by your total kills, total score, and total wins. You could theoretically be a bad player but still, be highly ranked in all 3 games. It’s more about how much you spend playing than how good you are.

The graph shows that Warzone players have a kill ratio of 0.78, while the average player has 0.92. The highest kill-death rates are found at the top of each food chain, which places them among the top 1%.

Very few people have a kill/death ratio greater than 3.57. This is a good number. People with kill-death rates higher than 4.00 are more likely to need a little help. Hackers. This is what it means. Theguywithacamera stated that although the calculations may not be exact, they provide some insight into the average skill level of the community.

Call of Duty Doritos Give You Double XP in ‘Warzone” and ‘Vanguard.

Call of Duty players should be on the lookout for Doritos special packs that include a code to double your experience points in Warzone or Vanguard.

Call Of Duty isn’t the only one to cross over into the culinary world. A deal made with Mountain Dew and Doritos gave players access to free customizations such as charms, stickers, calling cards, and emblems that are based on food and drink. Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War was leaked when its official title appeared on promotional images by Doritos. It is almost a tradition at this point.

Twitter user @Aeroenex6793 spotted these new Doritos packets in their local Walmart. They offer “dual XP” for Warzone as well as Vanguard, for an unspecified time. This bonus includes double XP, double weapon XP, and is a great way to clean up any boons left over from the battle pass.

We’ll have to wait to see the details of the promotion, as neither Activision nor Doritos have made the announcement.

This could encourage people who were disappointed by the beta to return when Vanguard has been improved through player feedback. The beta’s performance was not well received by players. They suffered crashes and hackers. pro players deliberately lost in order to compete with low-level players. Even the sun was criticized for being too bright.

Sledgehammer games stated that all of the official reports, gameplay clips and messages had helped their developers to squash bugs, improve features, and refine the maps and modes for launch. To prevent more retinas from being scorched, the team pledged to “nerf” the sun.

The developer said that they are also doing a thorough job at weapon balance, audio mixing, visibility, and promised more information in due course.

Call of Duty Warzone Banned Players Will Be Banned for VanguardApart from the piling litigations, Activision’s greatest problem is currently cheaters. Many Calls of Duty fans has had to abandon the series because of hacker attacks on their properties. They have confirmed that Vanguard will be subject to bans from Warzone. This is a way to keep Call of Duty Vanguard safe from hackers, cheaters, and other toxic jerks.

CharlieIntel confirmed that bans are being carried over, which may be a relief for many. CharlieIntel tweeted: “If your account or hardware is banned in Call of Duty: Warzone, you will be banned from playing Call of Duty: Vanguard. For cheaters Discords/forums etc. It’s obvious, but I don’t know why. “But I thought I’d share it with you.”

This is in addition to the recent reports that Call of Duty gamers are experiencing Hardware Bans. Hardware bans will mean that not only the account you have been using to access the software will be removed, but also your entire computer will be banned. This is a great way to prevent cheaters from making new accounts each time they are caught. Many of those cheaters have been banned from the computer for life.

Eurogamer mentions a tweet that could be a problem for Activision. Twitter user who was banned in Warzone purchased Vanguard after realizing that they were also banned in both. Activision will need to address the problem of the banned player paying first for the game before they realize they can’t play it.

This 100M player graph will show you how good you really are at ‘Warzone.
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