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THIEF SIMULATOR Mobile Game Full Version Download

THIEF SIMULATOR Mobile Game Full Version Download


Get Thief Simulator for Free and become a real thief. You can steal in the free-roaming sandbox communities. Watch your target and collect information that will assist you in the burglary. You can take on the challenge of robbing the most secure houses. Purchase hi-tech burglar gear and learn new thief techniques. Passersby can sell stolen goods. You can do anything a true thief would.

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Good thieves always pay attention to their targets. What’s inside? Who lives there? What is your daily schedule? Find out when it is empty and if there are any neighbours. There are many options to choose from in order to create the best plan. Thief Simulator has many modern devices that can help you gather information about your target and its vicinity. The quicker you can do it, the better. The goal is to find and steal as many valuables as possible as quickly as possible. There are no infinite backpacks. It’s time to keep your cool. You’ll find tons and tons of junk in every home, which can slow you down. The Henry Stickmin Collection

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It’s a smart idea to get rid of it if you aren’t sure you have the money. You may end up wasting your time throwing out useless items in your backpack to make room for more. Some items can attract police attention so be careful. An experienced thief will know where the most chances are of finding valuables. You can use the flashlight to see all valuables and areas where they are expected to be.

You might find useful items around the house. These items will help you save time hacking and lockpicking. You can also keep receipts from purchases in the trash bins or keys near a window. These things will make the life of an aspiring burglar so much easier. Many of these items are useless junk… or maybe they are.

THIEF SIMULATOR Mobile Game Full Version Download



THIEF SIMULATOR Mobile Game Full Version Download
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