The Wonderful 101: Remastered Breaks Another Stretch Goal And Adds One More

Since the time the crowdfunding page went live for the remaster of The Wonderful 101, fans have been joining up behind the reason. Regardless of having an underlying objective of just $49,312 USD, the gifts have taken off passed that. They had recently broken five distinctive stretch objectives since starting, and now the 6th one has fallen, with one more included for good measure.

The game has now assembled a faltering $1,779,192 starting at the present moment, and that blows passed the most recent stretch objective which would see a remixed soundtrack and guarantees a “mystery” visitor. The following objective is $2 million and incorporates another sidescrolling side game. Presently, they’ve included one more at the $2.25 million imprint that will incorporate Orchestral Recordings of “The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100” and “Tables Turn” tracks.

As of composing this, the KickStarter has 8 days to go. By and large, ventures will in general get a decent kick close to the end, so both of those objectives are close enough regardless of whether the Orchestrated Recordings one will presumably be just barely. The game will discharge to the overall population in May, with the KickStarter saying patrons get it in April. Fingers crossed it’ll accompany whatever number rewards as could be expected under the circumstances when we cross the end goal.

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