The 'Skyrim" Whiterun Guard Wants To Let You Know That He's Proud Of Your And Now He's Crying

The ‘Skyrim” Whiterun Guard Wants To Let You Know That He’s Proud Of Your And Now He’s Crying

The ‘Skyrim” Whiterun Guard Wants To Let You Know That He’s Proud Of Your And Now He’s Crying

The original host of Blue’s Clues was Steve. He returned after all these years to remind his fans that he will never forget them. Steve Burns was the original host of Blue’s Clues from 1996 to 2002. This means that many millennials, and even some Gen-Z young adults, know him well. The Skyrim Subreddit clearly took inspiration from the blue’s Clues clip and made it look like a Whiterun guard would tell you how proud he was of you after all the years of adventuring. It’s funny, but it’s oddly touching to hear an old voice speak so fondly to us. Many grew up with Skyrim.

Skyrim was released in 2011. It’s been almost ten years since its original release, which is a very long time. From teenagers to adults. From students to adults with jobs, spouses, and perhaps even children. One constant was the comfort of Skyrim and coming back to listen to the friendly (and sometimes hilarious) voice-overs of the game’s characters.

Ezio1452 posted the video to Reddit. It’s received a great response from fans. Although it’s a meme, many people feel a bit emotional about it. It’s a lovely little speech, and the voice is spot-on. It feels like the game is reminding you of all the great years spent playing it. Ezio1452, you are a great help.

“Skyrim” NPC is kidnapped by Dragonfly in One Of The Most Amazing Glitch We’ve Ever Seen.

There are two kinds of glitches. These are the ones that can ruin your day, your game, and your entire life. You know, the ones that corrupt your file or cause the game to crash so much you have to stop playing. Then there are the ones that will make your gaming experience even better. One of these is hilarious, and we’ve just seen it.

Skyrim is not perfect in its ability to be glitch-free. Sometimes, your horse may suddenly be at a 90-degree angle on a mountain. Or maybe your body is falling through the map due to stepping on a cobblestone. Open-world adventures can bring out all kinds of hilarious things, but this is one of our favorites. A dragonfly kidnaps an NPC.

A video posted to the Skyrim Subreddit shows an unusual situation in which an NPC that the Dragonborn is speaking to gets stolen by a dragonfly. Although we don’t know what kind of glitch it is, perhaps the circumstances warrant us to call it a bug. Ha, get it? You see, a dragonfly looks like a bug. The bug is… okay, I get it.

It’s still quite amusing. With a game like Skyrim that is so beloved yet so old, it’s not often that anything new comes from the Bethesda titles. It makes me wonder about Falion’s fate after watching this clip. Did he eventually fall off? Was he able to see his home again? It’s hard to say, but I will credit the dragonfly’s skill in taking over Skyrim residents.

Bethesda Quietly Boosts the Price of ‘Skyrim” in Advance Of Tenth Anniversary

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim celebrates its tenth year in November. Bethesda decided to commemorate the occasion by re-releasing the classic RPG. It’s back again.

Bethesda announced last month that The Elder Scrolls would be released on November 11th 2021, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Skyrim.

The new RPG edition includes all the DLC and improvements from Skyrim Special Edit. Skyrim Anniversary Edition will also include over “500 unique pieces” of Creation Club content, including quests. A new mini-game for fishing is also included. Why not?

Skyrim Anniversary edition will be available as a free upgrade to anyone who owns Special Ed. Bethesda has plans for you if you do not own a Special edition and are hoping to get it slightly less than the free upgrade.

TheGamer noticed that Bethesda quietly increased the price of Skyrim Special edition Steam in different regions. The UK’s Skyrim Special Edition price has increased from PS29.99 down to PS34.99, which is quite an increase. The same thing was done with Skyrim Legendary Editionahead, the release of Special Editionproving that the publisher has no shame in ripping off every penny of its 2011 RPG.

You can upgrade to Skyrim Special edition if you have it. You don’t need it. Bethesda will shake you down with a ten-year-old adventure. Fair enough, it’s what you get for not owning the game.

Dev says ‘Skyrim Foxes’ Do Lead You to Treasure, Ending Decade-Old Debate.

Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim back in 2011. Ten years later, we still find new things and learn amazing secrets. Today’s news is that Skyrim’s foxes can lead players to loot in Skyrim, even though they weren’t meant to.

The famous opening scene of the game nearly didn’t happen because of a clever little bee that sent the horse and cart into space. Someone hiding in plain view is actually a vampire. You don’t have to kill everyone on your way for the Gildergreen quest. Skyrim is filled with many hilarious and fascinating stories. We now know that the foxes actually lead the player to treasure chests. However, that was not the studio’s intention.

This information comes from Joel Burgess, a studio director at CapyGames who was also a former Skyrimdeveloper. Bethesda was shocked to find stories from players claiming that following foxes would lead to the looting. This was not something the team had consciously coded into the game. Burgess looked through Skyrim scripts and found nothing to suggest that this could be true.

Burgess explained that Skyrim uses a technique called “navmesh” for AI navigation. This invisible 3D layer of polygons is what non-dev people call “navmesh.” It is an invisible 3D sheet made up of polygons. It tells AI where it cannot go. NPCs can use artificial intelligence to see the mesh and decide what they should do next. They can charge at you, sidestep around and swim across rivers.

Fox AI is basic in Skyrim. When the player provokes them, they run away. This behavior led to animals following the player towards points of interest that often contained loot. Many areas of the outdoors have very simple navmesh. It doesn’t take much to make a space look great. Burgess continued, “Wildness = few big triangles.”

“Navmesh becomes more detailed when you find something like a camp. The developer explained that visual detail is a better way to get navmesh detail. NPCs are also more detailed. He added that the mesh in these areas has a lot of smaller triangles. The Fox is not trying to reach 100 meters; it is trying to reach 100 triangles. It’s not difficult to find 100 triangles. These are the camps/ruins/etc. we have littered the earth with, and they’re filled with treasure to reward our explorations.”

All ‘Skyrim NPCs Get a New Mod and They Are Beautiful Now

This mod for Skyrim transforms more than 3,000 NPCs worldwide to make them appear as they’ve stepped onto the set at Love Island Tamriel.

Modder Zalroth explained that it’s more than just named characters and quest givers who populate towns, colleges and barracks that have had the makeover of their lives. Bandits, thieves, and other randoms learned about “skincare” and now drink more water than ale and skooma.

The mod seems to have introduced hygiene to the inhabitants of the realm. They wash their hair with soap and have gotten some hair styling products from Elsweyr.

“I am truly amazed. Fantastic work… I look forward to seeing more of your future projects! One player said it. Tolfdir is now the coolest grandad, rather than the undefeated College of Winterhold’s cheese-eating contest. Sorry. Although Tolfdir is a great guy, the difference is amazing.

Mods that alter the appearance of NPCs are a great option for those who don’t want their PC to be overloaded with too many mods. The facial structure of NPCs is semi-randomized through a script so that every player will have a different Aela, Farkas or Vilkas.

Although the mod’s scale is impressive, I hope Bethesda does not take this approach with The Elder Scrolls VI. Yes, Skyrimcharacters appear to have been dragged through the bush forwards and backward. It’s not an easy life. Dragons are back. Vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings are common among the population. Their only joy is a sweet roll. It turns out that contouring is not high up on their priority list.

The ‘Skyrim” Whiterun Guard Wants To Let You Know That He’s Proud Of Your And Now He’s Crying
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