HBO’s “The Last Of Us” Official Teaser Drops

HBO’s “The Last Of Us” Official Teaser Drops

It is there. It’s here.

If you are a fan, you will know that September 26th, 2013, is the date the Cordyceps virus exploded out of control. It ravaged the entire world. This was the moment Joel and Ellie embarked on their adventure. Naughty Dog is known for marking this day in real life with special announcements and discounts. This year, it didn’t disappoint.

Although it isn’t the trailer we were hoping for, it is still an amazing teaser. We can’t yet see their faces, but Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal look great as Ellie and Joel. From the badges on Ellie’s backpack to the subtle grey streaks in Joel’s hair, the attention to detail is impeccable.

We know that the first season of The Last Of Us will adapt the plot from the 2013 game. Joel will travel across America with Ellie in order to deliver her to the Fireflies to help find a cure to the virus that has decimated the world. They will face both human and infected threats along the way, but they will survive.

The last of us is expected to air sometime in 2022. It’s being produced by Craig Mazin ( Chernobyl), and Neil Druckmann who also directed the videogames. Recently, it was announced that Druckmann would be directed at most one episode of the live-action series. This will be an exciting show.


HBO’s “The Last Of Us” Official Teaser Drops
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