ICYMI: Here are all the teases and updates from 'The Last of Us Day.
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ICYMI: Here are all the teases and updates from ‘The Last of Us Day.

ICYMI: Here are all the teases and updates from ‘The Last of Us Day.

Naughty Dog announced last week that it would reveal “new content” in The Last of Us’universe September 26, which was dubbed ” The Last of UsDay” because that was the date of Naughty Dog’s in-universe cordyceps fungal outbreak. We took time to speculate on what this might mean . Although we did receive updates about the long-hidden multiplayer game and the HBO adaptation of the game, there was not enough footage. In case you didn’t see it, here’s The last of UsDay.

There were a few merchandise drops. Dark Horse will be shipping a statue of Joel in the Last of Us Part II. I may have pre-ordered it. Pre-orders can be made until October 29. However, the statue won’t ship until May-June next year. A vinyl record of “Covers and Rarities”, featuring music by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, is also available. It was released last year when the game launched. The EP includes “Take On Me” and “Future Days.” But, if vinyl is not your thing, it’s also available on all regular streaming platforms. This was all on top of a massive merch drop at the PlayStation Gear Store that was described on the PlayStation Blog.

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Naughty Dog has released a statement stating that it is not ready to display anything but is still hiring for this project.

We’re currently working on it. We see that many of you want to play multiplayer and we are eager to hear from you. We’ll just say that we love the work of the team and will give them enough time to complete their ambitious project. Since The Last of Us Part II was released, we have been busy building our team within the kennel. We are currently hiring for MP-related positions (hint hint), so apply if you, or someone you know, qualify for any of our job.

Director Neil Druckmann shared the first image of the HBO adaptation featuring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey playing Joel and Ellie. Although it’s not much, the show is still being produced until June next year. This gives the team plenty of time to do more.


The Last of Us Part 2 is now a year old. While all tie-ins are great and all, Naughty Dog appears to have a draft for a hypothetical Section III somewhere. The studio claims that it hasn’t started. It’s not happening yet. It doesn’t seem unlikely that Part 3 will be years away, considering the seven-year gap between the two previous games. While I would be open to Naughty Dog releasing a new IP, the studio is reportedly working on a remake the original game for PlayStation 5.

ICYMI: Here are all the teases and updates from ‘The Last of Us Day.
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