The Injustice Movie's first trailer tells an old story in a new way

The Injustice Movie’s first trailer tells an old story in a new way

The Injustice Movie’s first trailer tells an old story in a new way

Finally, we have footage of the animated adaptation of the Injustice series. This fighting game/comic-book series is set in an alternate DC Comics universe. It’s, however, an adaptation of Year One comics. For some, this will not be a new concept. It does make me wonder if this movie will be as big or small as I thought it would.

IGN has provided a trailer that outlines a lot about Injustice. To stop Superman, the Joker kills Lois Lane, her unborn child, and other people. Superman is sent downward by the loss, which eventually leads to the regime we see in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video. The animated movie seems to only cover Year One. Does that mean that we will see more animated movies that tell the stories of Years Two through Five in the future?

For those who have already read the Injustice comics, this retelling may seem familiar. Still, for people who have only played the games, they might not have witnessed the entire fall of Superman from Man of Steel into a dictator. If this is the first in a series, I’m happy to re-experience it.

On a purely personal note, I hoped to see a glimpse of my boy Green Arrow somewhere in the trailer. His role in the Injusticeseries is a big reason I hope he will play a prominent role in this movie.

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On October 19, the Injusticemovie is available on Blu-ray, Digital, and Digital. However, it won’t have any returning voice talent from the games when it gets here. Tom Taylor, the creator of Injustice comics, has hinted that the series would be back in some form, but it’s not clear if this will be in the form of new comics or a brand new game. It could have been a reference to the movie. It’s been four years since Injustice 2. This is my favorite fighting game and the only one I can play. If developer NetherRealm is currently working on Injustice3, I’d love to see my bow and arrow again as a Green Arrow main.

The Injustice Movie’s first trailer tells an old story in a new way
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