THE GODFATHER Download for Android & IOS
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THE GODFATHER Download for Android & IOS

THE GODFATHER Download for Android & IOS

The Godfather Mobile Game 2006 Overview

They kill your father right in front of you. This horrible event takes place in Sicily. It is one of the largest islands in Italy.

It is 1936. You will be facing Johnny Trapani’s demise. Don Vito Corleone, on the other hand is getting married. You become insane from all of this. You decide to take down the Mafia in Sicily. You can also form your own criminal team. Get ready to face dangerous situations by purchasing weapons. Open World means that you can play any story or other activities in this title. To make money, you can also enter secondary missions.

It would also be great to roam the streets of the city. If you are convicted of a crime, police will search the area to find you. You will get more points if you escape the police. However, if you are caught by the police, some scores may be reduced. Once you complete a mission, you will receive some money. The best and most difficult way to make money is by robbery. It is also one of The Godfather’s most enjoyable tasks. This is a serious crime. All banks are very secure.

You can also leave your guns at the bank and police will arrive in a matter of minutes. The Godfather is an Open World game. The graphics are also acceptable. The soundtracks are incredible. They are The Godfather’s award-winning soundtracks.

Features Of The Godfather:

  • You can be the Godfather of Sicily!
  • To kill your enemies, buy weapons and guns
  • To hide from the world, buy a house in the city
  • Fantastic story inspired by The Godfather movie


THE GODFATHER Download for Android & IOS





THE GODFATHER Download for Android & IOS
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