The Falconeer Is Targeting A Baseline 60 FPS On Base Xbox One

Tomas Sala’s forthcoming The Falconeer appears like a few of the more interesting indie titles scheduled for release this year, with its combination of airborne exploration and battle and RPG mechanics promising something new and unique. Another thing that is quite striking about it is art fashion and its design.

Obviously many will be wondering whether the match will feature an Xbox One X-specific enhancements. And while developer Tomas Sala is not a 100% confident about that he’s hoping to accomplish a baseline 60 frames per second frame-rate for the game on the base Xbox One.

“I’d say 60fps should be possible on a regular Xbox One,” Sala told us in a meeting. “I am a purist this way, and I’d hate to downgrade to 30 fps. There’ll be a settlement increase for the X, but that’s TBC as some of the VFX I have created do take up functionality as resolution is improved. The game does look incredibly crisp at higher resolutions, so I would really like to support 4K eventually.”

Meanwhile, as is the case with pretty much any game coming out in 2020, questions regarding whether The Falconeer may also come to next-gen platforms — due out later this year — are quite applicable. Sala told us though next-gen is something given that the time of the launch of this game, for now he remains focused on the Xbox One and PC release of the game.

“Obviously, I don’t think you can make a game in 2020 and not think ahead into the next-gen,” Sala told us,”but right now my focus is on the initial PC and Xbox One launch .”

Given the Xbox collection X is backward compatible with all Xbox One software though, next-gen ports for games might not be as commonplace as they’ve been over the last few years, going. This is something else that Sala touched on while speaking.

“I believe most programmers are already cross platform concentrated, so it has become less of an issue than it was say 10 or even 20 decades back,” he explained about backward compatibility in next-gen consoles, and what effect that may have. “That said, bringing out a new title in the close of the lifecycle it’s a comfort people who invest in Xbox Series X will continue to have the ability to delight in The Falconeer.”

The Falconeer is expected out later this season for the Xbox One and PC. You can read our full interview with Sala through here.

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