THE ESCAPISTS 2 Full Game Mobile for Free
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THE ESCAPISTS 2 Full Game Mobile for Free

THE ESCAPISTS 2 Full Game Mobile for Free

The Escapists Game 2017 Overview:

You will be leading a group of prisoner escapees. To be successful in the prison escape, you must have a solid plan.

You can risk it all to escape from the most difficult prisons around the globe. You will find the largest prisons with multiple floors, roofs and vents. You will have to follow strict prison procedures, including attending roll calls and performing prison jobs. All the while, secretly engineering your escape plan! Your prison escape plans will take you to Fort Tundra, the deserted train tracks, and the last frontier.

To create the wildest escape team, get together with three or more friends. Get online, or get together on the couch for some sneaky adventures. You can create more daring and elaborate plans by working together. Are you feeling competitive? Do you feel competitive? You can also settle rivalries in the courtyard with a prison punch-up if all else fails!

Now it’s your turn to make your prisoner yours. You have a wide range of customization options to make your prisoner unique. While you are planning your escape, it is important to be stylish. You have to think outside the box and use what you have. To achieve your goal, you’ll need to combine ordinary objects such as soap and socks. To conceal the evidence, you can use forks taken from the cafeteria. Duct tape can solve (almost!) everything, as you’ll soon discover!

Features of The Escapists 2, Part 2:

    • The Ultimate Prison Sandbox!
    • Escape Team Assemble!
    • Make your Con!
  • Craft your Escape!


THE ESCAPISTS 2 Full Game Mobile for Free



THE ESCAPISTS 2 Full Game Mobile for Free
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