Satisfactory doesn’t have mods built in, but they are still possible if you know how. The first thing you’ll need to do is install the 3rd party SatisfactoryModLauncher by downloading it from GitHub.

This will allow you to launch the game from Epic or Steam. It also allows you to switch between vanilla and modded builds. This launcher can search for mods and install them to your game once you have the config to modify. Let’s now get started with The Best Satisfactory Mods.

The Best Satisfactory Mods

These mods can also be accessed on the FICS, but manual installation would be required.


MoarFactory… More Factory… Buildings, Walls, Stairs and Moar! It’s the main mod pack that adds new assets to the game. Search the launcher or view it.

Pure Power

This mod adds power production to provide power generators of various types. This mod adds essential wind, water and solar power to the game along with an advanced Arc Reactor that can produce a staggering 5GW base power. You can search for the launcher or view it.


MK++ gives you an additional tier system for many buildings in the base game. This allows you to reduce the size of your factory and increase efficiency. This is useful for aesthetics and performance. Search the launcher or view it.

Get it lit

This mod adds illumination to your game through multiple assets. Each can be set with different Lampmodes, allowing you to control their behaviour and group them to make it easier to manage multiple assets at once. Using the game colour gun, you can also use the paint option to alter the colours. Search the launcher or view it.


Speed control is a crucial component of conveyor systems in real life. SlowItDown allows you to adjust the belt speed to your liking. This terminal allows you to organize by item per minute and overflow prevention. Search the launcher or view it.

Floor Hole

You can neaten your conveyor system and hide it by placing it under the floor. It creates the illusion that there is a hole in the Foundation .”. Search the launcher or view it.

Area Actions

This mod provides a variety of tools to control the area. You can add a selection area with adjustable variables, a copy-and-paste function, and many other features. This mod is excellent for large-scale construction. Search the launcher or view it.

Modifications to Farming

This mod will test your horticulture skills. You can grow various crops, from wheat to berries, and then refine them using recipes. The game includes a composter, cooker, and greenhouse. Search the launcher or view it.

Rocket Launcher

Although it is not essential, this one is still great fun. You can use a rocket launcher to shoot dogs or other objects high up. Search the launcher or view it.

Non Essential Mods

Minimap Add a minimap to your HUD. You can toggle on/off, drag and zoom. View it.

    • No fall damage – Disables falls. View it.
    • Storage Teleporter Create teleport links among conveyor belts. View it.
    • Teleporter– This adds a teleporter that moves you quickly around the map.
    • ExoSuit MOD – This mod adds an ‘ExoSuit,’ which acts as both the jetpack & the blade runners simultaneously. View it.
    • Decoration: Adds natural map assets for beautifying your factory. View it.
  • Advanced Logistics Unlock third-tier splitter and mergers for your belt network. View it.
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