Tech Event: New Footage of 'Hogwarts Legacy’ Shown
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Tech Event: New Footage of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Shown

Tech Event: New Footage of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Shown

Do you want another look at Hogwarts Heritage? You do, because that’s why your here.

In March, the huge Hogwarts Heritage State of Play stream gave fans an in-depth look at loads of features of the game, including its open world, spell-casting and combat. But people want more. Thanks to an online tech event, we now have a new cutscene that gives us a glimpse into both the story and the voice acting.

VGC reported that the AutodeskVision Series was launched yesterday. It has provided game devs with a platform to show how Autodesk software is being used in their games. One presentation explored how MotionBuilder, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Maya can be used to create Hogwarts Legacy’s Cinematics.

The presentation also featured a new view of the character creation screen and the tools used by the developers to create characters in the game.

To add to the excitement, we were recently able to reveal some details about the special editions of the game. Reddit user found a few pre-order bonuses and DLC within the source code. Later, another user claimed that he had gotten the website to properly display the information, giving details.

If true, the Collector’s Edition will include a “Steel Case” as well as a “Floating Ancient Magic Wand and Book”, which can only be taken to be physical items. Collector’s and Digital Deluxe editions will give users 72 hour early access to the game. This is certain to be a big selling point.

Tech Event: New Footage of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Shown
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