Tales of Arise Review: A Wonderful Addition to the Tales Series (PS4)

Tales of Arise Review: A Wonderful Addition to the Tales Series (PS4)

Tales of Arise Review: A Wonderful Addition to the Tales Series (PS4)

Tales of Arise, the seventeenth main entry of the Tales Series, promises to be as spectacular as its predecessors. This Tales title is a classic tale with mature visuals and a story that’s full of twists, but it has new additions that make it even more memorable.

Tales of Arise can be purchased for PlayStation or Xbox and PC ( steam). Please inquire about your region’s pricing.

Story – Dahnan Slave meets Renan Royalty

Tales of Arise is set in a world divided between the advanced world of Rena and the medieval world of Dahna. Rena’s technological and magical superiority allows it to control Dahna and take its resources, as well as treat its people as slaves. A young man from Dahna and Rena’s young woman are the protagonists. They travel together to take down each Lord. As they attempt to liberate the Dahnan people, Rena and Dahna characters join them.

It starts hot and chaotic when the main character, a masked protagonist, defends a fellow slave against a brutal guard at a mining labor camp. Tales have dark elements that are always present in the series. Players get a taste of this right away in Tales of Arise. The Renan regime forces the Dahnan people to work as slave labor in this world. After saving a boy from being crushed to death, it quickly becomes apparent that the life of a Dahnan doesn’t seem so good. The heat of Calaglia Mines is unstoppable.

The situation changes quickly for the masked man, who soon finds himself in a very difficult position. This leads him to overthrow the Renan ruler in Calaglia and thus begin the heroes’ quest. With only a few sidequests and detours along the way, the path to success is to continue disrupting Renan’s rule across the realms.

Each realm has its own problems, which impact the character of every character. Each character’s actions reflect the state of their realms. They each handle the despair in their own way. It is refreshing to see character development among all characters. Even among royalty, there are distinctive character changes.

There are moments when the story becomes boring and repetitive. One cutscene is enough to make you feel good, but the next thing you know, you are watching another chaotic cutscene. You notice a short time between cutscenes and battles. The second realm has a shorter time span between cutscenes and battles. The game felt rushed by the third realm.


Gameplay – Just what you would expect, but new and improved

In the first few hours of gameplay, there is a lot to discover. Real-time combat battles are more complex the more you get stronger. There are many RPG elements to unlock, including skill trees, a unique title system for the Tales series, and unlockable costumes, crafting, and cooking.

The Tales series always had complex combat systems. Each release has introduced new mechanics and adapts to appeal to a new audience. Tales of Arise is a great way to welcome new players to the franchise. There are many tutorials throughout the course. Some tutorials show that the main character is not targetable. This makes it much easier to learn mechanics and avoid the stress of the health bar.

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