Swagg says Modern Warfare 2 has no slide canceling

Swagg says Modern Warfare 2 has no slide canceling

Swagg says Modern Warfare 2 has no slide canceling

Call of Duty players has no problem adapting to new mechanics within their game. Slide canceling has been an integral part of allowing players to navigate the map as quickly and efficiently as possible since 2019.

Many wonder what multiplayer holds as Modern Warfare 2’s launch draws near. There have been many leaks that revealed a gun list, Perks, and Field Upgrades.

Infinity Ward is still tight-lipped about its release. However, FaZe Clan member and Warzone Content creator ” SWAG” has claimed that the game will not contain slide canceling after being able to play Modern Warfare 2 earlier.

Modern Warfare 2 has no slide canceling.

Swagg shared some details about the game during a stream. They had an early copy of it. It is very similar to Modern Warfare 2019, which is understandable, as Infinity Ward is responsible for development.

They also mention that the developer made some changes to the movement mechanics. Swagg claims that dolphin diving is back, and there have been changes to slide canceling. This has left the community intrigued.

The content creator of Modern Warfare 2 said that slide is canceling works differently in Modern Warfare 2 than in Vanguard or the current version of Warzone. Swagg comments on slide cancelling, “Not as you think it should be.”
They mention that slide cancelling wasn’t available prior to Warzone’s launch and 2019’s Modern Warfare. The video ends with them asking if players will find new mechanisms to win the battle.

The beta is expected to occur in the next few weeks, so it’s only a matter of time before fans can experience the new movement mechanics in action.

Swagg says Modern Warfare 2 has no slide canceling
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