Subnautica Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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Subnautica Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

Subnautica Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

Game Overview – Subnautica 

Subnautica is an underwater adventure video game that takes place on an alien planet. You will find a vast, open-world filled with wonder and danger.

Scuba Diving in a Vast Underwater World

It is now possible to crash-land on an alien ocean planet. The only way to get out of this situation is down. Subnautica’s oceans include sun-drenched coral reefs and treacherous deep-sea pits. Lava fields and bio-luminescent underwater rivers are also available. You will need to manage your oxygen levels as you explore the kelp forests and plateaus, coral reefs, and winding cave system. Water is alive with life. Some of it is beneficial, some of it can be harmful.

Shop, Scavenge and Survive

Your Life Pod will crash land in the ocean. Now the clock is ticking to get water, food, or to build the equipment you need. Gather resources from the sea. You can make diving gear, lights and habitat modules. Explore deeper to discover rarer resources that will allow you to create more advanced items.

Construct Underwater Habitats

You can build bases on the seafloor. You can choose layouts and components and control hull integrity as pressure and depth increase. Your base can be used to store supplies, park vehicles and replenish oxygen as you travel the vast ocean.

Unravel the Mysteries

What has happened to this planet’s life? There are many signs that something is wrong. What is causing you to crash? What is causing the death of sea life? The mysterious structures found around the ocean are made by who? Is there a way to get it off the planet?

The Food Chain is being Disrupted

The ocean is alive. Use it to your advantage. You can lure and distract any threatening animal with a fresh fish or just swim as fast you can to avoid the jaws of roaming predators.

Take control of the pressure

You can explore extreme heat and depth with a Pressure Reactive Waterproof Nanosuit. Modify the suit using mining drills. Propulsion cannons, grappling hooks, and torpedo launchers.

Fear the Night

The predators emerge as the sunsets. Unprepared for the dark, the ocean can be unforgiving. Even though areas are safe during daylight, they can become dangerous at night. However, the beauty of these areas is something that will not be seen by those who keep their eyes closed.

Dive below the Ocean Floor

Below the seabed, cave systems run from dark passages to dark caverns that are lit by bioluminescent life or lava flows. You can explore the underwater world, but be careful with your oxygen levels and avoid any dangers lurking beneath the surface.

Subnautica Mobile iOS/APK Version Download



Subnautica Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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