Starfield Might Be Home to Many Planets, but Not Many Intelligent Aliens

Starfield Might Be Home to Many Planets, but Not Many Intelligent Aliens

Starfield Might Be Home to Many Planets, but Not Many Intelligent Aliens

Unconfirmed information about Bethesda’s 2022-due spacefaring RPGL Starfield is now available online thanks to a 4Chan user named Liquor. It’s best to assume that some of this information is bogus and accept that there may be some truth.

Let’s not forget the important caveat. Take a look at this link from the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit. The first thing that strikes my eye from a very long list of new, unconfirmed-by-Bethesda info relating to the game is to do with the planets that players will be able to visit. According to the 4Chan poster, there will be “multiples, dozens even” – which is a fair guess. Not only will planets be accessible, but also moons, asteroids, and space stations. They also claim that each planet’s open-world map will be larger than the map from The Elder Scrolls V. Skyrim. That one… It sounds less likely, but it is an all-new-gen production, so you never know.

What about life forms on these planets? According to an online “info dump,” 99% of alien life will be primitive. This means they are less likely to invite them in for lunch and more likely to rub their big ol’ space boots together like some extraterrestrial slug creature.

Earth is the home of humanity that we are leaving behind to explore the stars. According to the info, 300 years from now, the special little watery orb of the universe that is located in the game’s setting is, I quote, “a sh*thole” (even more so than right now). You can’t land your spaceship anywhere on Earth, but you can travel to other parts of our solar system, like Mars. This is also where you will find Cydonia, one of the most important settlements in the game.

The Reddit link has more information. You can browse this supposed leak and see what is possible and what is not. Things like “there is a faction that believes Jesus/God was born from the stars, and they are looking for his true birthplace” sound like something Bethesda might add to a game such as this. Also, Bethesda could offer refugees the opportunity to live and trade in their own settlements. These are just a few of the guesses that anyone who has a clue about Bethesda’s past and goals for Starfield can make.

It will be a while before we know what Starfield really is about. The game will release for PC and Xbox Series X/S (and certainly not PlayStation 5) in November 2022. We still have over a year before the game is released, which gives us ample time to talk about leaks, rumors, and all things good until our expectations are so high that no product can match them. Perfect.

Players from ‘No Man’s Sky’ have created planets dedicated to ravings

Hello, Games has allowed people to dance to all kinds of music since they introduced synthesizers to the No Man’s Sky world. They’re creating entire planets that are dedicated to bopping.

These dedicated rave planets are called the “Dual Rave Planets” by the fans who created them. The music of the synthesizers is complemented by the bioluminescent worlds they live in. These players are part of the fan-run Galactic Hub. The founder of the group commented about creating intergalactic rave parties to Polygon, stating that they were some of the more complex creations in the group.

The group’s founder stated, “I was a raver in high school, so I thought it would be fun to celebrate the whole PLUR cultural and that bioluminescent worlds would be the ideal spot to do this.”

These planets were built by players earlier in the year. Each planet can accommodate up to 30 bases, and there are many activities available. Some fans built music stages to entertain guests, while others made mini-games that kept them entertained.

It’s a wonderful place for No Man’s Sky fans to visit, especially for those who couldn’t attend any music festivals due to the pandemic. It won’t recreate the feeling completely, but it is a good substitute.

You can download a 2019 game for free right now, but not for long

There are many video games on the Internet. It’s not a shame when you miss a true gem. You may have the chance to revisit an underrated classic now and then. If that chance knocks, you must answer it.

This is basically how I say that Cuddle Monster Games’ 2019 shooter Hell Is Another Demonsis available for free via the Epic Games Store. You should definitely check it out.

Hell is Another Demon, an action-platform shooting game with rogue-lite components. There are many demon-filled worlds, lots of bullet hell chaos, and ridiculously outlandish boss fights. It also offers a lot of challenges. It’s quick, easy, and completely free. It’s free, and you have nothing to lose by checking it out.

The official description says, “Aim into the hooves and kill a bunch more demons as your campaign progresses and you dominate wonderfully over-the-top bosses.”

As you face various brutal and varied challenges, build up your arsenal of powerful weapons and upgrade. Your childhood was filled with arcade shooters that rewarded creativity and quick decision. Hell Is Other Demons has a bold, memorable style and expertly executed mechanics.


This one is worth a look if you’re considering it. Hell is Other Demons is only available through the Epic Games Store from June 24th at 4 pm BST. Go! You can’t go wrong with this game. Worst case scenario is that you spend an hour on a game you don’t like. The best-case scenario? It’s your new favorite game.

Xbox Exec May Have Accidentally Confirmed a New Fallout Game

Bethesda isn’t confirming it, but the studio may be working on a new Fallout title right now. An Xbox executive mentioned Fallout when discussing the Xbox Game Pass’s plans to add new games to the subscription. This is even though we haven’t heard anything about the new post-apocalyptic title.

This information was revealed in a new interview with GamesRadar+. Ben Decker, Xbox’s Head Of Services, might have accidentally confirmed that a Fallout 2 game is currently being developed. The Gaming Leaks & Rumors subreddit was discovered by Mr_XemiReR, who noticed that Decker mentioned Fallout when talking about Xbox Game Pass and new titles arriving on the platform. This is despite Bethesda not yet revealing a new title.

Decker also mentions Halo and Forza in this context. We know that both have games in the works. Why mention Fallout outlandishly in the same sentence as Forza? You’re curious.

Here’s the full quote from the original interview:

“Fifty-five percent of respondents said that the main reason they joined [Game Pass] was to receive new games at release. That’s day one content. We made those investments. There are 23 studios in Xbox and Bethesda that work on Halo, Forza, and Fallout. We also have a new IP that we haven’t even discussed yet. All of this can be delivered into Game Pass within a day.

This quote is certainly exciting, even if there’s no hint of Fallout 3. Xbox plans to continue releasing games from its vast library of studios onto Game Pass whenever they are ready. This includes an entirely new IP. These titles are now more accessible than ever because Xbox Game Pass allows players to select from a large selection for a meager price. It’s a win for all gamers, whether or not there is a Fallout 3. Xbox Game Pass will be releasing more content.

Modern Consoles Are Coming to One Of The Scariest Horror Franchises Ever

Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water is the fifth entry in the acclaimed Fatal Frame series. It’s on its way to PC, last-gen, and new-gen consoles, as per announcements made at the E32021 conference.

Maiden of Black Water was originally released for Wii U in 2015. It is set on Hikami Mountain, Japan. This mountain became famous for its tragic deaths and served as an anchor to the other end through its many bodies of water. The Shinto shrine maidens who live there and share telepathic abilities have one of their duties: to transport these troubled souls to a peaceful end. It is evident that evil has corrupted this spirituality, and it is the role of the protagonists to restore balance and cleanse Black Water. Maidens of Black Water have three protagonists. Firstly, Yuri Kozukata, a teenage girl who can rescue souls from the dark world and enter her plane of reality due to her relationship with the Hikami shrine matriarchs. Ren Hojo, a friend, and author joins Yuri as he is intrigued by Hikami to help him write his novel. Miu Hinasaki is also present, and she’s investigating Miku Hinasaki’s disappearance, another Fatal Frame heroine.

To repel hostile ghosts tied to this chaotic place, the player must use Camera Obscura to photograph the spirits. This camera is a powerful tool that exorcises ghosts and allows characters to communicate with friendly ghosts to aid them on their quest. The Wii U version had the GamePad’s gyro controls, allowing the player to angle the camera for the strongest attack. Although it wasn’t specifically stated, this feature will likely be retained in the latest versions of the game. This is especially true since reviewers have praised the aspect of the experience.

It will also get “upgraded visuals,” a Photo Mode, and new outfits for the three protagonists. This is a great opportunity to get into Fatal Frame. Even veterans will enjoy the remaster. Fatal Frame: Maiden in Black Water will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. It will also be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X starting in 2021.

Starfield Might Be Home to Many Planets, but Not Many Intelligent Aliens
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