Starcraft 2 Download for Android & IOS
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Starcraft 2 Download for Android & IOS

Starcraft 2 Download for Android & IOS

Starcraft 2: Information

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty, a military science fiction strategy video game published by Blizzard Entertainment, is developed and published in StarCraft II. StarCraft II Wings of Liberty brings back the three original species: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg.

The Terran campaign features a new StarCraft briefing area with an interactive battlecruiser Hyperion. Jim Raynor is now the central character. He’s a bitter, hard-drinking, mercenary captain. The campaign follows a non-linear pattern, with Raynor working for money and buying upgrades and additional units. This is a departure from previous Blizzard games.

Each playthrough will be different, but the final result is the same, which keeps the storyline consistent. Rob Pardo, Vice President of Blizzard, stressed that every campaign would be different. Wings of Liberty, a Terran campaign, puts players in a mercenary-style campaign. Raynor’s Raiders, a Terran rebel group, raises funds by accepting assignments from outside groups.

Heart of the Swarm is Zerg-focused and includes role-playing components. The campaign’s primary focus is Kerrigan, with the story centered around her redemption. The Protoss-themed Legacy of the Void, the final expansion, sees the Protoss Artanis trying to reunite the Protoss Tribes to stop Amon, a fallen Xel’Naga.

How to download and install Starcraft 2

  1. Click the button below to download. Starcraft 2 will redirect you to the download page. You will be redirected to Starcraft 2. Download page.
  2. To complete your download, choose a mirror. Starcraft 2 is now free to play. You can use our links for directions to get it free of charge.


Starcraft 2 Download for Android & IOS



Starcraft 2 Download for Android & IOS
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