Star Wars Game in Production at 'Heavy Rain' Studios

Star Wars Game in Production at ‘Heavy Rain’ Studios

Star Wars Game in Production at ‘Heavy Rain’ Studios

Quantic Dream, developer of branching stories like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, is currently working on a new Star Wars title.

The Star Wars franchise has grown even more since Electronic Arts’ Star Wars game creation license expired. Lucasfilm reintroduced Lucasfilm Games. Ubisoft will develop a ” unique and memorable” Star Wars game using the Snowdrop Engine. They claim that it will be ” something completely different to what we have done previously.”

Recently, Knights Of The Old Republic has been revealed to be heading to PlayStation 5, with some of the original members returning to the game. Given the huge potential for Star Wars fans, it’s a great time to be one. A year ago, Sean Shoptaw, Disney’s senior vice-president of interactive experiences and games, arrived at a conference to tell other developers, “I’m here to empower you to make really unique things with [our] catalog.”

A new Star Wars game from Quantic dream would be something I didn’t expect. However, the studio had promised a “big surprise” a while ago. It is well-known for making games that imitate movies, such as Star Wars Squadrons and Fallen Order.

This information comes from Tom Henderson. He has a very accurate track record in lifting the lid on live-service games. The studio began looking for new partners after the Quantic Dream agreement with Sony was over. It found success with Disney. Furthermore, Quantic Dream’s official Twitter account liked a tweet about a rumor of a Star Wars game, but it’s been quickly deleted.

Henderson claims that this game has been in development for 18 months. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will soon see a reveal. The negotiations and discussions could take place during this period before the project can be approved. As a result, we can’t say for certain, but a slower-paced story-centric Star Wars game would open up the series to many new players who aren’t that interested in the pew-pew-bang-explosion side of the galaxy.

A “Minecraft” player is building the entire Star Wars universe one planet at a time

Many would argue Minecraft is the best game ever created. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. This player creates the entire galaxy from Star Wars, starting with Tatooine and then hopping around from planet to planet. This is the best use of your time.

Minecraft had crossed over to space opera before with the DLC, which gave players the ability to fly in TIE Fighters, X-wings, and 12 planets to the tunes from the licensed soundtrack. This is, however, the work of vistachess, a huge fan who has been working on the project for over a year.

At the moment, Tatooine & Coruscant are the only worlds that have been fully realized in the sandbox simulation. World Paint and World Edit were used to achieve their lofty goal. The worlds are stunning, and the fans are stunned. stated that “I’m struggling to build a house while OP is building a Galaxie.”

“The sheer scale of this. “The sheer size of this. has praised another.

Although we don’t yet know the next planet, we will be following vistachess’ careers closely. If the lush greens and circular layouts look anything like them, it will be Naboo. Their YouTube channel has a video of progress, and you can download the maps from their website.

The Knights of the Old Republic remake was revealed in a trailer at Sony’s PlayStation 5 show. It’s but not exclusive to this console. There are also a few of the original team on board for its development.

Officially Announced for PlayStation 5: “Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic”

These rumors were true. Sony has just launched its 2021 PlayStation 5 showcase. It gave us our first glimpse at the upcoming Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic remake!

As previously reported, Aspyr is handling the remake of BioWare’s beloved RPG. Aspyr was responsible for the mobile port of the original and sequel. The all-too-short reveal trailer below confirms that the original will be completely “remade” for PlayStation 5. At the time of writing, there is no word on any other platforms.

BioWare originally developed Knights Of The Old Republic. It was released back in 2003. It’s still a mystery to me why EA, which owns BioWare, had never revived KOTOR when it was awarded the exclusive rights for Star Wars videogames back in 2013. It’s back, but it’s okay.

This new remake is months after EA lost exclusive rights. Lucasfilm Games was reintroduced to the fray to collaborate with publishers and developers on a wider range of Star Wars projects. One such title is Ubisoft Massive. We know this already. Rumors also circulated about a new KOTOR. However, it is possible that insiders were referring specifically to this remake.

Ubisoft’s Upcoming Star Wars Game has been Given a Huge Discount.

The next Star Wars title developer coming out of Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment, has said goodbye to its managing director. He is now in a “new strategic position.”

Electronic Arts were granted exclusive rights to create titles based on Star Wars after LucasArts closed down. This is how Battlefront, Battlefront II, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order were created. Also, Project Ragtag was canceled. This arrangement will expire in 2023. However, Lucasfilm has brought back Lucasfilm Games to be the licensing brand for all Lucasfilm IP. Disney met with Lucasfilm to discuss which studios would be interested in taking over the avant-garde Star Wars title. Ubisoft was a perfect choice. It was interesting to note that Ubisoft and Lucasfilm were influenced by the progress on the upcoming Avatar video game and Massive Entertainment’s pitch, which promised a new adventure set in the space opera universe. Sean Shoptaw is senior vice president at Walt Disney Games. He explained that the Star Wars IP team had so much alignment and creative passion that it was a natural progression to the relationship and led to the Star Wars video game.

Massive Entertainment’s game, which is about magic powers and laser swords, is not well-known. However, we know that the game’s development is likely to be altered by the departure of one of its top staff members. David Polfeldt, the managing director of Massive Entertainment, will be retiring at the beginning of next month. He will then take a six-month sabbatical and return to the company in an undisclosed role. In his statement, Polfeldt stated that he joined a Malmo-based indie studio in a role called ‘Mister FixIt” seventeen years ago. “I had no idea what it would turn into a roller-coaster ride!”

“When Star Wars was signed, and our beautiful building Eden was completed in 2020, I felt an overwhelming sense that I had accomplished everything I ever wanted. The studio stands on the solid foundation of Ubisoft Connect and Avatar, Snowdrop, and The Division. I am extremely grateful for all that we have achieved together. Before I begin a new adventure with Ubisoft Connect, I will take a long vacation. Polfeldt said, “Wish me luck and see you next year in 2022.” Ubisoft says that a new managing director has been appointed. However, the announcement will be made “at a later time.”

Star Wars Game in Production at ‘Heavy Rain’ Studios
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