Slime Rancher IOS Latest Version Free Download
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Slime Rancher IOS Latest Version Free Download

Slime Rancher IOS Latest Version Free Download

Slime Rancher Game 2017 Overview

This game makes it easy to live on Earth! You will need to control cute creatures from the other planet.

(v1.4.4 Update to Pool Party)

Slime Rancher tells the story of Beatrix, a young rancher who embarks on a journey to a faraway land called the “Far, Far Range,” where she attempts to make a living by wrangling slimes. Beatrix has a positive attitude, grit, and trusty backpack. She tries to stake a claim and amasses wealth, while avoiding the constant danger posed by the rolling, jiggling avalanche slimes at every corner.

Every day brings new challenges for players who want to make a fortune in slime ranching. Players can approach these challenges in any way they want, but a typical day could look like this: You get up at dawn to water the crops at your ranch. Some slimes can be eaten vegetarian. It’s now time to collect the chicken plumpest hens. Some slimes are completely not vegetarian.

Features of Slime Rancher

  • To keep them from getting too excited during the day, you’ll take them to the slime corrals. Hungry slimes get jumpy. Jumpy slimes are difficult to contain
  • Your ranch is ready for you to explore the wild, uncultivated wildernesses of the Far, Far Range. You’ll see slimes that you haven’t seen before, learn new types of vegetables to grow back at your ranch, and narrowly avoid doom in a valley full of wild, burly slimes.
  • It’s now time to go back to the ranch and make dinner for your slimes.
  • You can do it. You were able to travel over a thousand light-years to earn a living as an entrepreneur in slime ranching. What happens to slimes that boom? It’s possible. Are lice capable of igniting radioactive radiation? It’s possible. Are jerks able to wiggle their butts and squirm? Are slimes allowed to wiggle their butts?


Slime Rancher IOS Latest Version Free Download



Slime Rancher IOS Latest Version Free Download
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