You can now be a witcher in 'Skyrim,' with a new playable race

You can now be a witcher in ‘Skyrim,’ with a new playable race

You can now be a witcher in ‘Skyrim,’ with a new playable race

A modder combined Skyrim with The Witcher to create a combination of their worlds. This allows players to choose Witcher as the Dragonborn race in the beloved RPG.

The Witcher began as a short story that was submitted to a fantasy magazine. It has become a household name due to its success and the Netflix adaptation. Andrzej Sapkowski, the author, was astonished that CD Project RED’s games were so successful. I didn’t believe their success. Who could have foreseen their success? He said this in an interview with Eurogamer.

This is what I mean. It doesn’t take Witcher skills to see that a darkly beautiful world with gruesome creatures stalking the land would be a hit with fans of The Elder Scrolls and The Lord Of The Rings. This mod lets you take on Tamriel as an Witcher and is accurate to the descriptions in the books.

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This is perfect for those who play Skyrim and think, “I wish that I was playing The Witcher instead.” Modder RobA made sure Witchers could regenerate stamina and health two to three times faster than other races in Skyrim to reflect the fact that Witchers can be more resilient than humans on the Continent. Unarmed combat damage is three-times more so be careful with how you use your knife and fork when eating.

Witchers can also use Igni or Aard, and have immunity to all diseases. They also have 50% resistance to shock, frost, fire and magic. RobA recommends that players begin on a difficult level to get enough challenge.

Another mod, The Witcher’s Adventure adds potions, oils and other ingredients to the mod. I am always amazed at the creativity and dedication of modders.

You can now be a witcher in ‘Skyrim,’ with a new playable race
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