Skyrim Mod adds Lore-Friendly Guns

Skyrim Mod adds Lore-Friendly Guns

Skyrim Mod adds Lore-Friendly Guns.

Skyrim is home to many amazing mods. There’s a vibrant community that takes Bethesda’s classic fantasy title and stuffs it with all sorts of weird stuff.

Star Wars and Just Dance are just a few of the many non-Skyrim contents you will find in Tamriel.

Have you ever thought magic was not quite versatile enough or Skyrim could use some Fallout-style weaponry? Click to enlarge

Tamriel Has Guns Now

Enjoy, a modder has just released Skyrim Legendary Edition. This mod allows you to shoot at your enemies far away. It’s made using vanilla assets and is a tremendous undertaking.

You can make rifles out of any material and build them with crossbow animations and archery perks. These weapons are often found around Skyrim by NPCs.

The thTamriel’steresting part is the story behind Tamriel’s guns. After the Great War, th” Empire is Forceware’s signatory sign treaty.

“After the Great War’s devastation, the Imperial High Command realized the advantage Altmeri battlemages held over massed infantry. They were able to destroy grouped units with their magic.

Titus Meade, the Emperor, had to Altieri’s technology to combat the Altmeri’s ranged dominance. It was expensive and time-consuming to train them, w”ich was something the Empire did not have.

“The Synod archives provided the answer. An old dwemer schematic showed a straightforward design: a tube of metal and a small ball of iron. When combined with fire salts, the ball would explode.

Skyrim Mod adds Lore-Friendly Guns
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