'Skyrim' Co-op Multiplayer Is Being Overhauled, Coming Very Soon

‘Skyrim’ Co-op Multiplayer Is Being Overhauled, Coming Very Soon

‘Skyrim’ Co-op Multiplayer Is Being Overhauled, Coming Very Soon

Perhaps the one thing better than losing yourself down a Skyrim hole for hours on end, is the ability to do it with friends. As you’ll likely know, that wasn’t a feature provided by developer Bethesda in the classic title at launch, but has since been modded in by fans with the excellent Skyrim Together.

The mod itself has been out for some years now and an update, called Skyrim Together Reborn, is but a few short days away. As noted by PCGamesN, it’s set to be released on July 8th, and will be the full 1.0 version of the mod. There’s a full list of features which you can check out right here, but some of the highlights include fully synced-up NPCs, quests, dialogue and inventory so the experience will be as seamless as you could ever hope for.

What’s also neat, is that when a player in your group dies, they’ll simply respawn nearby instead of having to load an old save, making traversing the world that much easier. Take a gander at the video below which showcases some of the updates with a party of five players.

Skyrim Together is one of the most popular mods ever made for the game (which is saying something considering it’s many, many thousands of mods) and adds co-op multiplayer so you can enjoy the frozen locales of the Nord’s homeland with chums. Lovely.

There is one very tiny little, itty-bitty piece of bad news though, in that the Fallout Together mod being worked on by the same team has been put on hold while Skyrim Together Reborn is polished off. Not the end of the world by any means, but it’ll mean a slightly longer wait for those wanting to step into the wasteland with mates. I’d suggest a day trip to Stoke if you want a similar experience.

‘Skyrim’ Co-op Multiplayer Is Being Overhauled, Coming Very Soon
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