Sims players speculate on what an M-rated Sims title would look like

Sims players speculate on what an M-rated Sims title would look like

Sims players speculate on what an M-rated Sims title would look like

Sims players can create beautiful houses that look like the Love Island villa, have werewolf graduation ceremonies, or put together a family of Keanu reeves clones.

Some of these creative geniuses aren’t satisfied with their current life. They want to escape the confines of child-friendly censorship and live a real simulation of real life.

This was the topic of a Reddit thread that saw users dream up what an M-rated Sims gaming experience would look like.

What would Sim’s dark side look like?

This thread started in the subreddit r/thesims with FartExploder99’s post: “If The Sims were Rated M, what should EA do to the game?”

The M rating is similar to a PEGI 16-18 rating in the UK and an M-to MA15+ rating for Australia.

This open-ended question was answered by players in many interesting and sometimes disturbing ways. Wearystranger suggested that EA add: “Spooky scary stuff (I loved paranormal, but it was almost too cutesy)” and raunchy humor. You know, like party strippers, sex jokes, and drug references. There’s a lot more tragedy here, but it’s funny.

User JustReallyDamnTired, however, was more in a party mood and argued in favor of “actual alcohol rather than ‘juice.” Sims is getting drunk, with all kinds of drunk personalities represented”, which caused a quiet whistle to respond: “I hate that “juice” thing. Also, ‘plasma’ (instead of blood). I’m not a huge fan of woohoo, but it’s just as iconic as The Sims for my tastes. It’s possible to stay.

User Abcdefgwhat, on the other hand, went down a very dark road, saying that “More violence, a tragedy, I think.” Cars and car accidents, fatal illness, miscarriage. This would make criminal and detective careers even more interesting.

Unfortunately, some users provided even worse outlines. TheArcticGlacier said the horrible phrase “tax season,” while melifaro_hs said: “They’d make a really poor version of basement mods for $40.”

No matter if you believe Sims gamers are mature enough to deal with the pitfalls and tragedies of life, we will keep you updated as more new content is added.

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