Sims players share how the game helps them through escapism

Sims players share how the game helps them through escapism

Sims players share how the game helps them through escapism

Sims players can create beautiful houses that look like the Love Island Villa, have werewolf graduation ceremonies, or even assemble a family of KeanuReeves clones. They are always looking for new ways to make the game more interesting.

It seems that some people find the bizarre and absurd aspects of the game to be only a part of their enjoyment. Even the most basic functions can help them improve their mental health.

One player has taken to Reddit to share his experience with Sims and their role in their daily lives.

It can be therapeutic to build your dream family and home.
This thread started in the subreddit r/thesims. It was initiated by a BigLeaf12 post. They asked: “Does anyone enjoy playing The Sims because it’s so boring?”

The couple then gave a little insight into the reasons for this, saying they were gay and in their 30s. However, they live in a homophobic nation that doesn’t recognize or protect gay people. I am grateful that being gay is legal. “I usually make happy gay couples to play my part.”

BigLeaf12 added that their country’s economic problems make it difficult to afford the type of housing or possessions they desire. However, in Sims, they can afford these things, and they end the post with the following: “The Sims give me things that my life has never had.” I feel normal when I play Sims.”

Sims players shared their support comments and shared many similar sentiments and experiences. LargeSeaworthiness1 said: “I’m sorry for how the things are for you,” and raiderwithshotgun added: “I often play when my depression is real because I can often say hyperfocus & forget all about how (bad) I feel.”

EntireAbbreviations, meanwhile, expanded the idea to include all simulation games. He said: “I think that the main reason why I play videogames of a roleplay nature or sim is to find joy and feel less worthless and play the parts of characters who aren’t as miserable as me” and added: “I’m also in my 30s and queer (bi man), and I get to play as characters who can openly and happily be myself while I have to be very careful in real life because of my neighbors and be extremely cautious in real-to avoid any local prejudice.”

Many US-based Sims players agree that they have greatly benefited from playing The Sims over the years. This is because issues such as Roe V Wade’s repeal worry many LGBTQ+ people and women.

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Sims players share how the game helps them through escapism
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