Sims 4 Spa Day Pack gets a makeover

Sims 4 Spa Day Pack gets a makeover

Sims 4 Spa Day Pack gets a makeover.

Sul simmers! Maxis has released a new trailer today and live-streamed on YouTube for a “refresh” of The Sims 4’s Spa Day Package. The devs explained that the refresh involves taking an older pack and adding new material to give it new life during the stream. This Game Pack is an add-on pack that includes new content, clothing, gameplay features, and objects centered around a particular theme. SimGuruPJ was one of the original developers of the pack. He has returned to work on the refresh. You don’t have to repurchase the pack if you already own it. The content will automatically be updated when it launches on September 7.

New Features added:

  • New Wellness Goals
  • High Maintenance Trait
  • Through Wellness, Earn Simoleons
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Facial Masks
  • Yoga and Meditations for Children
  • Fingernails & Nail Polish is CAS

Three New Aspirations

  • Self-Care Specialist: A goal to make money through wellness. From
    • Reward Trait – Self-Care Expertise – Become a self-care expert and gain notoriety faster.
  • Zen Guru: Aspire to master the Wellness Skill and share your knowledge with other Sims to pass on your knowledge to a successor.
    • Reward Trait – Calming Aura: You can calm sims around and become a beacon of chill.
  • Inner Peace: Find harmony and challenge yourself
    • Reward Trait: Clear Perspective: Sims have the option to take a break and get a glimpse of the future. It helps Sims get rid of negative emotions.

The trailer was shown, and the first change in gameplay was at the spa, where sims can have manicures and pedicures. This new feature allows sims to create their own sims (CAS) and choose something as small as finger/toenails. These designs are amazing. The variety of fingernail shapes available to users, including square, oval, stiletto, and almond nails, is a great touch. Although it may seem small, this is a new aspect of The Sims 4’s creativity.

The developers collaborated with Simmodder Exbonix SIMS, who talked on the stream about her inspiration from Pinterest. I can relate as someone who uses the app to find designs for my nail technician. This made the creative process extra special for me. They also created new variations of previous spa day items, such as adding the spa day logo on the instructor yoga mat. The original pack’s clothes had a huge color swatch addition.

Sims can now be given the High Maintenance trait. This means they will need to take more care of their sims than the rest. They can reach a state called catharsis when all their needs are met. This negates any negative emotions. However, it is possible for them to feel depressed if they are unable to meet their needs.

The Spa Day Pack offers a variety of perks for the entire family, including yoga and meditation, which help develop motor skills and mental skills. You can help them develop likes or dislikes for Wellness. If you are a Parent, yoga and meditation can help with emotional control. They also offered wellness clothing for children.

You get a mini-fridge and two new cucumber dishes with the refresh. The mini-fridge can be found at spas worldwide, or you can buy it to put in your home. You can also purchase face masks from the Mini-fridge. These masks grant sims new buffs and last for a long time. It is important to not leave the mask on for too long as it can cause discomfort in your Sims. Sims may have an adverse reaction if they are exposed to too many face masks at once. It can cause a painful rash and itchiness on their faces. A special animal mask is available for children and toddlers.

The major change in the refresh is your ability to make money through wellness. Your sims used to be limited to using these features as consumers, but they now have the ability to start their own business. You can now purchase portable equipment for your sims so that you can open a shop anywhere in the world. You can set up shop at the beach, park, or on the beach with portable equipment like yoga mats, massage tables, meditation stools, and chairs. To attract customers, you can make your classes private or public by inviting others.

Finally, as a self-care specialist, you can give manicures or pedicures to your customers with the refresh. I am excited to choose between different nail shapes and between matte and gloss polish finishes. If you don’t want to use CAS, they have a specially prepared menu. Important note: If you apply nails in CAS, your nails will remain intact. However, if you do it in-game, buffs can be relieved, but the nails will deteriorate. This adds to the realness of the experience.

This is the first time the Sims team has updated an entire pack. Based on the information the team provided, I am excited to start the Self Care Specialist job. I hope to see more packs updated like this, adding new content and expanding on existing content. It is not clear if these updates will extend to expansion packs with worlds such as “Island Living” and “Get Famous.” If so, I think “Realm of Magic” and “Realm of Magic,” could use a refresh. The dev team can greatly expand gameplay features with the mermaids and witches.

Sims 4 Spa Day Pack gets a makeover
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