REVIEW OF TOEM (PC), An Afternoon Chill Out

REVIEW OF TOEM (PC), An Afternoon Chill Out

REVIEW OF TOEM (PC), An Afternoon Chill Out

Sometimes, the most memorable adventures don’t always involve reaching the destination. Traveling is often about the journey between points A and B. You capture these moments in time in photos to give your trip more meaning. The Swedish developer’s Something We Made has created TOEM, a videogame that anyone can enjoy.

The main character starts in a small country house and is given a “Dynamic Zoom camera” by his grandmother. He then prepares to embark on his journey to witness Tom, a mysterious, unsolved event. After learning the basics of camera controls and setting up the best shots, the main character is left on his own at the bus station. Then you head out into the world.

To earn stamps on your Community Card, you will be given basic instructions. But, what you meet can be anything from a woman who was a stunt driver to someone who studies the impact of a meteor on the side of a mountain resort. These unexpected and bizarre events are what give TOEM its irresistible appeal. Although it may seem like a simplified version of Pokemon Snap, it is so much more in reality.

You can earn stamps for completing quests. But they aren’t limited to these tasks. For example, you could find a lost dog, assist the harbormaster in navigating boats out of the harbor, and even advertise for local businesses by wearing a bean bun smelling hat. It’s not enough to take pictures. You are encouraged to document your adventures and answer the puzzles that will require you to create a photograph. It’s not boring; even the more difficult puzzles are still fun. You can manipulate the environment’s orientation to find the answer or use the POV of your camera to spot objects.

You get more than just your camera. Some accessories will make you look cool and help you solve puzzles. There are many little gadgets you can get along the way, from ghost glasses that allow you to see your friends in the next life to boots that will help you climb a mountain. It was funny to continue prancing around in a space helmet, scarf, and wooden boots, while everyone else didn’t seem to notice the bizarre outfit.

ToEM’s mood is where it shines. It has a whimsical feel and a relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy candid photography with a loose story and a relaxed atmosphere. Or you can use the camera to capture some interesting shots for your collection. You can enjoy the beauty of the countryside and cities while you create art. Even a local artist may be inspired by your photos.

OEM’s best moments are when it uses street or candid photography. It’s quite funny to capture a moment on the street or a child on a skateboard on the railing. The journey is just the beginning. It’s the little moments that make you feel accomplished, not the destination. It’s a great feeling to see Tom, but it’s also a time to reflect on your journey and all you have done to get there. While your interpretation of TOEM will differ depending on where you are at this point, the story demonstrates that you don’t need to rush. It’s possible to stop and see the sights, participate in other activities, and finally find your way to your destination.

ToEM is a quick, sweet distraction that you can quickly clear on the weekend to get away from the usual video games. It’s easy to play at your own pace, and there is very little pressure to solve puzzles. The game is charming. TOEM had a gentle pull on my heartstrings by the end, and I was left feeling good. It’s like a cup of hot chocolate at a fire or watching the sunset from the beach. It’s a short, simple time frame that allows you to enjoy the moment and not get too intense.

TOEM had a few issues. I felt that puzzles were a bit too complicated towards the end, with very little guidance. This was especially true for the Photography Guild’s challenges at each destination. It felt as if I had just completed certain areas in minutes and earned my stamps for the bus nearly immediately. It took away the charm of some people I met as I was already moving forward after saying hello.

REVIEW OF TOEM (PC), An Afternoon Chill Out
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