Review of Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Review of Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Review of Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena, the first effort of Ember Lab, was one of the first PlayStation 5 games to be shown. Sony showcased Kena during the Future of Gaming event. This gave Kena a prominent spotlight and allowed it to stand proud alongside titles such as Horizon Forbidden West or the Demon’s Souls. Sony’s confidence was right in Kena. Bridge of Spirits, which is yet another PlayStation exclusive title for this year.

Kena, the title character in Bridge of Spirits, is a young spirit guide who assists the dead with their unfinished business to move on to the next phase of life. She discovers an abandoned village full of lingering spirits while exploring the forest. Kena is your typical action-adventure hero. She can use a staff to smash enemies, sharp platforming skills, and upgradeable moves that can be purchased to increase her moveset. Kena is not the only one on her adventure, unlike many videogame heroes.

The Rot is a cute little creature that Kena can join. They also act as one of the main collectibles. The Rot can interact with objects and solve puzzles. New ones join Kena every day. The Rot in Kena has been compared to Nintendo’s Pikmin franchise. However, the Rot and Pikmin are small creatures that move with the main character.

The Rot of Kena, Bridge of Spirits can’t get rid of, and players don’t need to micromanage them. You can command them to pull levers, carry items, or attack enemies. However, they don’t require any babysitting. If you really explore Kena, you will find nearly 100 Rot following your every move through the forest. But they are rarely in the way. When Kena is standing still, the Rot surrounds her. However, the Rot can often be seen chilling in the background.

It’s fun to watch Kena’s army grow on-screen. But they also serve other purposes. There are practical reasons to collect Rot. The more they collect, the more upgrades you can buy. While some Rot can be difficult to find or require players to complete bonus activities like shooting range activities to unlock them, it is worth the effort to hunt them down as they are tied to the upgrade program.

Kena players can customize their Rot creatures through the Hat Carts they can purchase in-game. Ember Lab can come up with a variety of hats using the in-game currency. Soon, players will see dozens upon dozens of Rot roaming around with masks and bird nests on their heads.

Although they are adorable, the Rot also has a lot to offer ‘s combat. Players can upgrade Kena’s abilities to gain special Rot attacks, which are essential for any player who wants to survive boss fights. Players can also activate an alternate form to deal severe damage to enemies and open up new routes in the game’s world. This form is larger and more intimidating as they add Rot to their roster.

The Kena experience is not complete without the Rot. However, Kena has many tricks up her sleeves. Kena has a staff for combat and eventually a bow. The Kena Bridge of Spirits bow is great fun to use, as it takes full advantage of the PlayStation5’s DualSense controller. Players will feel Kena’s bow when they use the adaptive triggers. The speaker cleverly mimics the sound of a bowstring pulling back.


Review of Kena: Bridge of Spirits
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