Respawn Muddying the Waters Of Titanfall 3 Does Not Help One

Respawn Muddying the Waters Of Titanfall 3 Does Not Help One

Respawn Muddying the Waters Of Titanfall 3 Does Not Help One

Cultured Vultures’ long-term readers, as well as anyone who follows us on YouTube, will know that our primary concern is Titanfall3. We don’t care about what must be sacrificed to get it (except crunch). We just want Titanfall 3’s existence and completion of an incredible trilogy of FPS masterpieces.

Yes, Titanfall 1 was great, even though the always multiplayer campaign was strange.

Respawn has been coy about the future of Titanfall. With Titanfall 2 performing poorly, perhaps because it was sent out to die and Apex Legends exploding, it is clear that Respawn isn’t in any rush to revive the series. Respawn have always held Titanfall as a special place in the hearts of their players. They’ve made nods to the larger Titanfall universe within Apex but a new game is always a welcome addition.

was the nail in the coffin of Titanfall. He answered a question about the status of Titanfall via Livestream. Jason Garza, the Respawn community coordinator, said: “‘Before we go, can you have any comments?’ It’s a game that has a lot of mechs. […] Don’t let your hopes get too high. This is something I have said before. It’s simply that we don’t have any plans. There is nothing. There is nothing. There are too many games going on right now.

Apex Legends and a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel would be the other games. However, given the talent of Respawn, it wouldn’t surprise to see a third game from them. Jason’s comments indicated that Titanfall 3 wasn’t one of those projects. This is fine. Although it’s disappointing, we now know our position on the matter. We can be excited about new games, it’s not happening.

However, Respawn muddy the waters in less than 24hrs, tweeting the following in apparent response to Garza’s Livestream comments. “Contrary to what some people are reporting, Titanfall has the very core of our DNA. …” Who knows the future?

This is a bizarre tweet, especially considering that the majority of the reporting appears to be based upon comments Respawn employees made during live streams. Contrary to what someone employed actually said …” This is not a rumor that has been spread anonymously. It was originally a community coordinator who was downplaying fan expectations. But now, someone else (presumably, it would be a very big brain if it were all Jason) is commenting that it may be inaccurate.

Jason’s comments made me feel at ease, even though I still want to see Titanfall 2. I can now temper my expectations by hearing that Titanfall is not in development. This allows me to focus my hopes on other unobtainable titles, such as a new Ape Escape and a Switch port F-Zero GX. These things are not going away. I would have accepted Jason’s comments. However, the tweet from Respawn worsens the situation.

Respawn’s tweet raises doubts about whether they will actually make Titanfall 3 or if they are working on it. Jason’s comment could have been left as it was, but then E3 2022 or The Game Awards rolled around, and suddenly Titanfall 3 was revealed, it would feel more surprising because expectations have fallen. There is still a possibility that Respawn will release Titanfall 3 but it is not certain. This leaves fans in uncertainty.

Respawn has received a lot of criticism from fans regarding Titanfall 2, especially after the first two games were left to hackers. IGN has a full story about how insane the hacker situation in Titanfall is and how it affected Apex legends with the SaveTitanfall2 stunt.

Fans have responded to Respawn’s tweet by pointing out how it is almost disingenuous for them to say how much Titanfall means when the games are unavailable to a large number of players due to hacker cabal. Although Respawn knows what the future holds, it’s possible that there is no enthusiasm for a new Titanfall game unless they can stop the hacking that affected Titanfall 2. It is understandable that people would think that TF3 would be a lot of fun until the servers go down again.

It’s not the teasing that is the problem. Fans would be able to rely on Respawn’s comments about Jason Garza if they left them alone. Jason Garza’s comments, plus the teasing that followed them, would make any Titanfall 3 announcement seem a bit stale. This is dangerous. If you say it isn’t happening, then either you are telling the truth or allowing fans to be taken by surprise. It’s hard to be upset in either case.

Respawn Muddying the Waters Of Titanfall 3 Does Not Help One
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