Red Dead Redemption fan recreates official screen shots in the sequel

Red Dead Redemption fan recreates official screen shots in the sequel

Red Dead Redemption fan recreates official screenshots in the sequel

While it has been almost a decade since the first cowboy-shooter was released, Red Dead Redemption and the previous installment are still some of the most popular open-world games. Their dedicated community has continually displayed its creativity through stunning fan creations such as cosplays or resembling Arthur Morgan’s unique drawing style. One gamer decided to pay tribute to Rockstar Games’ western legacy with the in-game Photo-Mode features.

Red Dead Redemption was a hit with gamers. It featured a bustling open-world, a classic western soundtrack by David Ferguson, and attention to detail that is rarely seen in the industry. After RDR‘s success, a sequel was born. It won four of the eight nominated 2018 Game Awards wins. It is evident that gamers have been influenced by the beautiful, stylized imagery associated with the action-adventure series more than the bar fights and shoot-outs.

Reddit user RipVanWinke11 now has Red Dead Redemption 2’s in-game photo mode. He has recreated screenshots from the Red Dead Redemption to an amazingly precise degree. This tribute features John Marston as the main character. This graphically modern portrayal of the crooked absolution-seeking outlaw is essentially a glimpse at what a Red Dead Redemption remaster might look like.

The gallery’s centerpiece is a recreation of the outlaw, arranged in front of a classic crimson-gold backdrop. A large weapon is pointed outwards to add some flair. The original image is the box art from the Red Dead Redemption. It was first revealed in 2010. Since then, it has been a hit with gamers and artists. One artist used the style to create an interactive Red Dead RedemptioniPhoneUI.

These recreations were based on Red Dead Redemption. They are reminiscent of scenes in a spaghetti western and show John Marston doing a multitude of actions. He is seen dragging his six-shooter along with him as he trudges down Blackwater roads, escorted only by Pinkerton agents. The “Elegant Suit” is a reference to the famous poker suit that was worn by the first player in a game of poker.

The artist’s attention to detail when creating this gallery of recreations is a perfect example of the iconic Red Dead Redemption. It is certain that John Marston, Arthur Morgan, and their gang will continue to play an important role in gaming, unlike other games which fade from the spotlight as time passes.

Red Dead Redemption fan recreates official screen shots in the sequel
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