Rebb Ford takes over Warframe as the new Creative Director

Rebb Ford takes over Warframe as the new Creative Director

Rebb Ford takes over Warframe as the new Creative Director

Rebb Ford is the long-serving Live Operations & Community Director at Canadian developer Digital Extremes. He has been promoted to Creative Director of Warframe, the biggest title in the studio’s catalogue.

She’s been playing this role “in secret” since February 2022. Ford spoke out during a preview of TennoCon 2022, the company’s annual fan convention. Fanbyte also interviewed Ford. Many of the in-development games have already been overseen by her. It also includes later stages of development for its long-awaited The Duviri Paradox expansion. This was first displayed in 2019.

TennoCon 2022 gave players a deeper look at this update. Veilbreaker will be the first significant addition completely overseen by Ford. However, it will launch much sooner. In a few weeks, more information will be available. To be exact, sometime in August.

We know for now that it is a direct sequel to major New War expansion last year. It once featured Kahl-175, a Grineer character, in a role that can be played. Warframe enthusiasts can hunt power-up stories bosses called Archons and get a lot more plot.

All this news comes as Digital Extremes also announce Soulframe, a new fantasy game that has a name very similar to Warframe. We know far less about Soulframe than the above updates. Digital Extremes claims it is managed by Steve Sinclair, former Warframe director. Ford will fill the apparent gap in the cooperative shooter’s current game by shifting to the new one.

Soulframe also marks the debut of a genuinely new Digital Extremes title. In 2013, Warframe was launched by the developer. The Star Trek tie-in (based on J.J. Abrams films) followed shortly after. It received mixed reviews. Digital Extremes also worked on Two” d Coast Legends” licensed games set in the “Forgotten Realms”, Dungeons and Dragons. This was, in fact co-developed by n-Space, an American studio. Sword Coast Legends was also met with a mixed reception in 2015. n-Space closed down in 2016 shortly after.

Digital Extremes continued to operate until 2017, evidently aided by Warframe. It then announced the Amazing Eternals, a silly-looking multiplayer first-person shooter. The game was quickly cancelled due to a lack of interest from the closed beta and other shooters from the era.

Warframe has seen a lot of changes o “er the years. It “has evolved from a simple “corridor shooter” to a highly unique and intimidating loot game. It includes capital spaceThere’sttles and multiple open-world zones. There’s also mech combat. This has been well overseen by the same creative minds. We’ll see new options with Ford, who has been part of the game behind the scenes and as the voice for a significant character since its inception.

Disclaimer: Digital Extremes is owned by Tencent, the parent company of Fanbyte Media. However, the editorial has no direct contacdon’th anyone from Tencent. DSdidn’tly, they don’t tell us anything. Ford didn’t even know the same company technically owns our companies until we told her, which was extremely funny.

Rebb Ford takes over Warframe as the new Creative Director
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