Reaching for Halo Infinite: What's Master Chief doing?
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Reaching for Halo Infinite: What’s Master Chief doing?

Reaching for Halo Infinite: What’s Master Chief doing?

Master Chief, regardless of your opinion of Halo 5 or 343 Industries, has been on an emotional rollercoaster ever since the reclaimer story began. But what about post-Halo 5 Master chief?

Cortana is the only entity with which Master Chief has had a personal relationship for many years. She became rampant. With her network of surveillance cameras and other A.I., she is determined to destroy humanity. Earth is now forfeit, and the UNSC is on the brink. How can life, or Masterchief, continue in Halo: Infinite while Earth is destroyed? Let’s go back to Halo 5 and see what happens.

Team Osiris frees blue Team, but the screen then goes black. Locke tells Master Chief that Cortana has disappeared. The screen then goes black. Panicked, Lasky orders random hyperspace jumps until they find a way back.

Fireteam Osiris, 031 Exuberant Witness, and Fireteam Osiris foiled Cortana’s plans to keep Master Chief in stasis for 10,000 years. This was the last resort attempt of Cortana, a rampant Cortana who wanted Master Chief to understand her actions and ensure that there is everlasting peace for years to come. It’s better to avoid A.I. rampancy, readers.

Halo Infinite Chief Master Chief – How did they get to Genesis?

031 Exuberant witness confirmed that there are no Forerunner vehicles capable of transporting eight people off-planet. However, craft left by recent visitors might suffice. They chose to summon a portal by Exuberant Witness and commandeer a Pelican. They ended up on Sang Helios.

Master Chief shows a rare sign remorse and apologizes to his fellow Spartans. He felt guilty for not ending Cortana’s rampancy before it took root. Chief’s comments were ignored by Linda, Spartan 088 and the primary sniper for Blue Team. He told him that he did what he believed was right at that time. Evidently, teammates tend to form deep bonds after child abduction and subsequent augmentations.

Locke also stood down and confirmed Chief did what he could, which lead to the Blue Teams’ revelation of Dr. Halsey being aboard UNSC Infinity, hoping she knows how to take Cortana down once and for all. After all, she knew Cortana better than anyone. Little did they know that Halsey would shortly greet them.

Spartan Palmer, The Arbiter and Catherine Halsey welcomed Master Chief and his company. Halsey displayed her usual sarcasm, whit saying, “Well, it took too long.” Chief and Halsey hadn’t seen each other in six years. It was now time to enjoy a night of rest and feasting to celebrate Sang Helios victory over Covenant loyalists, who fought only hours earlier.

Human forces said goodbye to the Arbiter and his company at 6:15 AM the following day as they boarded the Pelican for the USNC Infinity. A few Spartans joined the Chief, Locke, and Halsey’s as they crossed the bridge to enter the fifth dock. This marked the end of Halo 5.

Reaching for Halo Infinite: What’s Master Chief doing?
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