Pumped BMX Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile
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Pumped BMX Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile

Pumped BMX Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile

Pumped BMX 2015 Overview:

You will control a boy who rides very well. To learn some skills, you will need to complete the tutorial. This tutorial will help you become a regular biker instead of an amateur.

You may only need to learn the controls in a matter of minutes. Pumped BMX is easy for beginners. It is easy because of its difficulty level. There are not many obstacles along the way. To get all the stars in each level, you just have to be focused on the destination. You will encounter different obstacles throughout the levels. The boy must be careful while he is riding. He will crash and lose his time. The time is up and the game’s over.

Speed decreases when you crash. If this happens, it’s impossible for you to complete the level. To earn the full stars, there can only be one crash per level. To earn the highest score, you will lose time. Acrobatic moves are the best option if the player is looking to earn more points. PumpedBMX offers many environments. You can ride in the jungles and mountains. Professional biking has a better control system.

Licensed tracks can make the game even more fun. These soundtracks come from some of the most exciting upcoming bands. This arcade sports game has been rated 8/10 by Steam users. It is easy to play but has great gameplay.

Features of Pumped BMX

  • Enter the competitions with your BMX bike
  • Learn how to bike by taking the tutorial section
  • To earn more points, you can pass many obstacles using your acrobatic moves.
  • For players who enjoy music, these soundtracks are great!


Pumped BMX Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile



Pumped BMX Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile
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