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Prototype Full Version Mobile Game

Prototype Full Version Mobile Game

Overview Prototype

Radical Entertainment once again proved that they are among the most respected Sci-Fi game developers with the second edition Prototype game. Prototype 2 is an entirely new story and protagonist. It’s called James Heller. More than any other person, James Heller wants to eradicate the Blacklight virus. This deadly virus has cost his family.

Prototype 2 is a revenge story. James Heller wants Alex Mercer to die. Prototype 1’s main protagonist is Prototype 2’s villain. These unique and innovative ideas are rarely seen in games. James Heller has two main talents: shape-shifting and taking the identity of others. Prototype 2 is a free Mobile game that you can download. James’s prominent jumping ability allows him to fly for short periods.

Other similar adventure games are available here. Players must assume the role of a soldier when entering a yellow area in Prototype 2 for a free download. To avoid interacting with Alex’s soldiers or army, players can equip a camouflage device in the game. You can use stealth abilities to make your way through the game. You can also find similar Survival and Horror Games here.

Prototype 2 Features Free Download

  • Amazing Graphics
  • Revamped Prototype Visual Appearance
  • New Maps and a Vast Open World Environment
  • Numerous new gadgets added
  • Amazing Villains and Antagonists
  • Premium Edition Game Support included
  • There’s so much more to discover and explore

Prototype Full Version Mobile Game





Prototype Full Version Mobile Game
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