Prison Architect Full Version Mobile Game
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Prison Architect Full Version Mobile Game

Prison Architect Full Version Mobile Game

Prison Architect Game 2012 Overview

First, you will need to create a prison in an undeveloped area. This prison will require limited equipment. This design takes a few minutes.

(v28.01.2022 Perfect Storm Update Added)

After you have finished building your prison, it should be tested for security. A prison must pass more than ten safety tests. Once the test is completed, the prison will be ready for the prisoners. The central prison management will send hundreds more prisoners. For the clinks, you will need to hire guards. They can also protect the clinks. They can stop any prisoner from escaping easily. The guards would have to deal with the situation if all the prisoners wanted to flee.

In that situation, they can’t do anything. Therefore, the prison design should be great. This will ensure that none of the criminals escapes. Negative points will be given to criminals who escape successfully. You may also lose some of your equipment. Players must create a prison that is both safe and secure for criminals. The Prison Architect has other responsibilities. Also, you should hire kitchen workers. To make this place work well, you will need another worker.

It is important to be alert for the insurgency of prisoners! This game has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times on Steam. This game has a great 9/10 average score on this network. It is the best prison simulator ever! It’s free to try.

The Features of a Prison Architect

  • Your equipment can be used to design a prison.
  • Guards must control it to prevent prisoners from fleeing.
  • To make your kitchen work better, hire workers
  • To get more points, prevent insurgencies


Prison Architect Full Version Mobile Game



Prison Architect Full Version Mobile Game
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