Pokemon GO's Fashion Week Event Highlights a Flaw In Character Customization

Pokemon GO’s Fashion Week Event Highlights a Flaw In Character Customization

Pokemon GO’s Fashion Week Event Highlights a Flaw In Character Customization

Pokemon Go seems to be introducing new events every day. While the game is wrapping up its Ultra Unlock events, it is in the middle of a lengthy arc about Mythical Pokemon Hoopa which seems to be leading up to Halloween. Pokemon Go still has space for a Fashion Week event, which could be compared to the Met Gala. Fashion Week has been a big contributor to Pokemon Go. There are many Pokemon in special costumes and players can catch Furfrou, a poodle-like Pokemon that can be styled in a variety of ways.

Pokemon Go‘s Fashion Week reveals a serious flaw in this game. While the Fashion Week event introduced some new clothing items to player avatars, it does not address the major pitfalls of Pokémon GO‘s character customization. While the event emphasizes self-expression and player style, avatars in Pokémon GO are unable to be modified beyond their clothes. Fashion Week would be a better celebration of each player’s identity if there were more tools for players to customize their avatars.

Pokemon and Customization: The Pokemon Relationship

The Pokémonfranchise has not allowed for customization in the past. Long time players had to choose between a male protagonist and a female protagonist. Then, they named the character. With Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, everything changed. Players could now shop for clothing for their characters, as well as deciding details such as hairstyle and skin color. This was a significant step forward in Pokemon’s self-expression. These services have been expanded by Pokemon, much to the delight and delight of its fans.

Pokemon Go is still a stagnant franchise, even though the Pokemon franchise continues to build on customization. Although Niantic has added new clothing to the game’s launch, the avatar customization tools remain almost the same as their original design. The only options for changing the color of your eyes, hair and skin are limited. Although there are many colors to choose from, Pokemon Go players can’t alter their physical features so every avatar looks almost identical and doll-like. These avatars can seem jarring, especially when compared to Team GO Rocket leaders with their detailed designs and unique appearances. Players can’t be that different from one another for some reason.

Potential Pokemon GO Avatar Upgrades

At the minimum, Pokemon Go should have more options for avatar customization. It doesn’t look like hairstyles would be difficult to incorporate into Pokémon GO and a few more options for face shapes. Niantic should offer more customization for Pokémon GO. Niantic should add some sliders to allow players to modify their body type. This could include their avatar’s height and muscle mass, as well as their body fat. These changes could improve Pokemon Go‘s ability to represent players.

Pokemon Go has a huge wardrobe. You have a lot of options for clothing that allow you to express your style and love for your favorite Pokemon. Clothes can only go so far. The avatar who wears the clothes must look the same as the player. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve the appearance that a player desires. Pokemon Go will hopefully realize this sooner than expected and make some improvements to the avatar system. Fashion Week -style-oriented Pokemon Go events will feel richer if they are filled with Pokemon trainers from all walks of life.

Pokemon GO’s Fashion Week Event Highlights a Flaw In Character Customization
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